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  1. Louisiana Looting

    call me a redneck racist, but PLEASE show me one picture of a white person or someone other than black running off with piles of NFL Jerseys and other shit... i'd be very surprised to see any....
  2. Happy Hour in North Jersey.....

    hmm, i was just there for dinner this past sat.. this place looks just a lil too trendy for a happy hour... i was hopin for just a bar or something that can pack tha house on a wed nite... thanks for your replies tho...
  3. so whats that hot spot for happy hour in north jersey.. we keep goin to different ones and none of them we've said, yea thats where we wanna be on a wed. or thurs nite.. Doesnt HAVE to be a happy hour, but one is appreciated... so whats poppin during the week in N. Jerz people....
  4. Pretentious.........

    nothing wrong with going after what you want... wish more were like you..
  5. Pretentious.........

    then you are a diamond in the ruff... i used to get approached by women in boston, even NY.. Never in jersey tho.. i honestly dont try to come across as vein, but ya never kno how other people view you.. i've been told i am un-approachable.. whatever that means.. all i'm sayin is, since moving back to jersey over a year ago, its been a sad transition..
  6. Pretentious.........

    alright there HNIC.. next time i'll grope her like all the brothas do.. its what she didnt say that was fucked up.. i simple " i have a bf, or sorry but i'm just hangin out with my girls tonite.... it was 'nice meeting you, goodbye'.. thats just one example..
  7. Pretentious.........

    are you kidding?? i'm really not into tall goony chicks.. i prefer lil shorties.. most guys do to.. short and cute works for me....
  8. What's Your Myspace Name

  9. Pretentious.........

    ok, well last week, i was at a bar/club in morristown, was making eye contact with this female.. went over and said hi, intorduced myself, and ya kno, just being friendly... well about 2 seconds later she says well it was nice meeting you, and basically turned her back on me and went back to talking with you stuck up friends... i find this happens a lot.. i kno theyre just being bitches but after a while it screws up you confidence... i dont mean to gloat, but i am very good looking.. its not like i'm missing teeth or look like Opie or somethin... so exactly how are Guys in jersey like the girls?? when do girls ever go up to the guy and start making convo??? NEVER.. so ur statement is false hon....
  10. Pretentious.........

    Is it just me, or are Jersey girls the most Pretentious females in the northeast... will no reason or rhyme to be either.. after living in Boston for 5 years i was thinkin that jersey girls are way more down to earth... hardly the truth.. whats a guy gotta do?? f emales please answer.. cause i'm close to giving up, and spending the rest of my days chillin in the city.... where at least you can talk to girls.....
  11. Too Many Promotion Threads.

    you SKEEZY bitch! i was tryin to bury the hatchet, but you gotta keep up your childish namecalling.. FUCK YOU. MATTER O FACT, FUCK ALL YOU. FUCK U FUCK U FUCK U, YOUR COOL, FUCK YOU.. OUT
  12. Mo'Town

    Anyone here go to the Morristown Clubs/bars? ie: Darkhorse or Jimmys....or that Turtle joint Places aint bad, but they close so F'in early....
  13. Softball!!!!!

    softball on a sunday morning would be outstanding..
  14. Too Many Promotion Threads.

    Stiffy, whats the problem with love? were you not hugged enough as a kid?? I'm just trying to exude my love for this board and the people on it..
  15. Too Many Promotion Threads.

    yea youre right.. MISK I LOVE YOU!!