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  1. Attn: Baby Rachel (Mellymel)

    well look at that.......he skirt is about ready to fly off her ass
  2. Attn. Surfers!!! (waiste high!) :P

    Here are some pals of mine in Puerto Rico, I like to club. they like to do this and take pictures
  3. I Just Got Banned From Cj

    LOL looks like you suck that much
  4. I just got banned from TA!!! :)

    cabron tu mai, pendejo!!! yeah, it's all good, s0n. it's all about the good times, good vibes, and a lot of pills
  5. EDM Clubs in Atlanta

    bonjourno! 1) Eleven50 = has some good parties. It's where most of the headliners go to. Saturday is 21+ . Check out the site for the upcoming events being thrown there or www.liquified.com 2) The Mark Ultra Lounge = very nice quiant club. Great atmosphere. Probably one of the best clubs in the ATL (stay away from their hip-hop night, though. Its scurry ) The main promoter there is SurfaceAtlanta. So check out their site. We have Noel Sanger coming up this friday. 3) The Compound = Nothing like Space, but its Atlanta's SuperClub. Amazing shit and plenty of room. I can't wait to go back there, actually. It's pretty damn tight. 4) The Lava Lounge = has a good show on occasion. Mainly a place to get sloshed and chill for a bit before you start your REAL club hopping. ummmmmmm......... and i think thats it, s0n peAce javi~~
  6. I just got banned from TA!!! :)

    Oh well. i have no hate for the miami peeps. peAce
  7. I Am A Fag...

  8. I'm in love!

    im not into the whole "Fake" woman. keep it natural girlies
  9. You fucking perverts are going to hell!!!

  10. making out and fingering your bitch while she jerks u off

    LOL!!! i am in total agreement there. even if the girl is good, my left hand is probably better. and im not even tryin to win the competition
  11. making out and fingering your bitch while she jerks u off

    ah well, i have yet to encouter such handy skills
  12. Love at first sight? is there such a thing?

    you know, in most cases i would agree with this man above ^^^^ but.... there HAS GOT TO BE at least one moment in someone's life where it isn't about being pussywhipped, or needy........ is there nothing romantic left in this fukin earth? lol love is out there........ sure, there are some pathetic bastards roaming on this land, but that doesnt mean everyone has the same ends to their means. basically- just because you got a little taste of something amazing doesn't mean it's not something pure...something meaningful to hold on to. who knows. who fukin knows
  13. making out and fingering your bitch while she jerks u off

    lol if her crew swings like that, then i must to them
  14. making out and fingering your bitch while she jerks u off

    ......will you marry me? lol damn, if girls actually think about these things, then i am most definitely getting shafted here with these Atlanta bitchezzz lol
  15. making out and fingering your bitch while she jerks u off

    hey now, show me a girl that carries a handy dandy bottle of KY in her purse, and ill give you a million bucks