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  1. If anyone was at Nocturnal Friday night (and afterhours) for WMC, you would agree that it was bananas!! Donald Glaude was Awesome!! He played the funkytown remix with this intro (on link)........Nocturnal was one of my fav. clubs, insane sound system, wouldnt u agree? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=399tP8r5_VE
  2. Best set ive heard in a while

    Hey, it wont let me download for some reason, help!
  3. Song Id-last Track D.t. Played At Shelbourne

    Thanks guys!!! That was it......been tryin' to figure it out since i got back from wmc. Morillo also played this at space. Sick beats!!
  4. Song Id-last Track D.t. Played At Shelbourne

    r u sure??? I heard dibiza and its not the same thing, unless there is a different mix which i don't know about. It was the last song or (maybe second to last) of the pool party. They ended that party early now that i think of it.............. the track wasnt as hard as dibiza, it was just funky beats and almost sound like raindrops, very simple.......any other suggestions?
  5. If anyone was at the shelbourne pool party for V.C. and D.T. then u must remember this track.......it was the last track and the crowd went wild! I ran to the front of the speakers and danced my ass off with my girls. It's hard to explain, (but it was my anthem for the conference, also heard it at Morillo, space). It's just piano or keyboard beats, that progress, very simple but catchy......come on u rockstars i know u know this!! Thanks Monalisa
  6. Party All the Time

    I think the track is cool, if any one has it I would appreciate it if you send it to me. However, I have to admit, I did not here it at wmc this year. One track that i did here from the 80's that was cool was the funky town remix. INSANE @ NOCTURNAL FRIDAY NIGHT W/DONALD GLAUDE, (WMC)!!! WAS ANYONE THERE????
  7. Wmc Calerone And Danny Shelborne..

    Shelbourne party was awesome!!! One of my favorites, tied with Space (ERIC MORILLO'S B-DAY!!) I WAS IN MY GLORY....... Question though, what was the last song danny played at shelbourne that made everyone go crazy? I heard it at Space too (Morillo). It's hard to explain, it sounds like piano beats or maybe a keyboard with progressive bass beat. It's very simple, but i could not stop dancing to it. Cant get it out of my head! Please, somebody help me out!!!
  8. Spaces Unconfirmed Wmc Line Up

    Is it worth it to buy passes to Space this year? It was absolute madness last year........ LINE WAS RIDICULOUS! I have to go this year. Last year was the first year I didnt go because of all the chaos. So is my best bet to buy tickets, is that how everyone else got in?