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  1. Jonathans Apology "wmc"

    yes it id straight from his mouth
  2. Jonathans Apology "wmc"

    The Thread Is Up There Already My Bad Did Not See It People Just Looking Out I Should Of Known Lol
  3. Jonathans Apology "wmc"

    SURE EVERYONE HAS SEEN THIS OR READ IT JUST POSTING IT TO THOSE WHO DID NOT GET TO READ OR SEE IT FOR THE ONES WHO GIVE A FK NOT Message from Jonathan Peters reguarding WMC feel I need to write this letter to everyone, not only to explain what happened at Space and Shelborne, but to let everyone know how I feel. After Playing in NYC for over 20 years and being the resident DJ at the Sound Factory for 7 years, I am a person who believes you only are as good as your last party. While playing at SF things were done a certain way to bring the party experience to a certain level. Everything was taken very seriously from sound to lights, shows, flyers, the way you were treated by all staff and right down to the way I was playing. For those 7 years I spent every weekend of my life playing music for you guys and loved every moment of it. When I was told that everyone thought I queened out and walked out of Space and shut the music off at Shelborne just to be a bitch, I felt that playing on point was not enough anymore and that I needed to write this to set the record straight. The first thing I want to say is there is nothing more that I want in my life then for everyone to feel like it used to be. I promise all of you that I will always do my best not only musically, but for the whole experience. I want you to know that during the years of SF there was a very passionate man named Richard Grant holding the shit down and allowed me to focus only on the music, but things change and now it is what it is. Myself, Lou B and the whole JP team are doing the best we can to bring you a memorable party experience. You must know that when we walk into a new venue there are new issues and that will never change. There really cannot be a formula like there was at SF. Different club owners do things different ways and a lot of times they can give a shit about us. We try to stay away from those type of places but sometimes its still the best option. I am telling you, Lou B cares as much for you as I do; not only for your safety, but for your party experience. So please recognize. Ok here we go…. After being screwed over by Nikki Beach last year because they would not let us bring our own sound system and making me close at 7pm not 12, even though we had a contract, Lou and I said we must have a solid plan for this year. We wanted a plan that was going to be no drama. What better place than Space in Miami. SPACE So everything is all good, the whole team rolls into Space, we set up and we are on our way. It's all good......... B.S.O.D opens for me and I am feeling really good! Its WMC….We are at Space….It’s on. So a couple of hours roll by and I am turning it out. Lou B. comes up to me and I can see in his face something was wrong. The fire Marshall came and said whatever floor you were on you had to stay put. So basically if you came to hear me play and went upstairs to get some air you were stuck, unless you left the club and paid to get back in. You all do realize where I come from as far as doing a party, so you can only imagine how upset I became. So I just stayed focused and did my thing. Space was having these issues not only on our night but the whole week. Space does not want these issues either. They put video projectors on the upstairs so you guys could see the DJ, but I know not with my fans, I know it's all about being with me. Yes maybe on the other night it was fine but as I always say, my fans are much different than other DJ fans. I think because we grew up together. I know a lot of you were there with me at SF every weekend. Not to be cocky, but it is what it is. I want everyone to also know that we had no control over the door or the ticket price at Space. Because of the fact that during the WMC Space is packed solid every night and we were just lucky to be in there. I knew going in that if you did not take the time to buy tickets that you were going to pay for it and I was ok with that. I know a lot of you save your money to go down there, but I figured that I would rather be at Space where the party is safe for you guys rather than taking a chance to have it elsewhere. So I got finished playing at 9 on the main floor, my booth was going upstairs. I jump back to my room, washed up and headed back to do the roof top. So I walk on the roof at Space and it was clear as day that although I felt everyone was happy to see me, I could see in their eyes it was too late. The vibe was not right and I was starting to feel everyone’s pain from the night. I know a lot of you were waiting for hours upstairs so I was standing there just waiting for them to finish setting up my booth. It felt like forever. The Matinee DJ's were doing their thing. Although there was vibe I knew my fans were pissed off. So I went on knowing it was already over for the people who were there. Walking out of Space JP was not very happy so I went to my hotel, turned the T.V. on to check the weather and it said it would be hot and sunny. So I went to bed upset because of what happened, but ready to tear Shelborne a new ass..... SHELBORNE It was a good morning. I woke up in a nice mood and left yesterday’s drama behind. I am getting ready to go to the Shelborne where Area Events are doing the party. Just so you know I was the DJ who started the Shelborne with my friend John Dimatteo a couple of years back. After that, many promoters jumped on the bandwagon. So I was feeling good about the day because my fans vibe started that shit. I roll up to the Matinee Group opening (they do the Saturday night party in Ibiza) and I was glad to have them. My booth was set up and it’s all good. Before I went on we had a performance. Rebecca Brown singing her hit Sun Rising UP - and from that moment on let the drama begin. Right in the middle of her performance some asshole pulled the fire alarm in the hotel. The siren started going off. They must be able to clear the alarm just in case of a real fire. That cut the power right in the middle of her singing. OMG I felt so bad for her, but the power came on and she did it again and it was all good for her. She was happy therefore I was feeling good. So I start to play. I usually always play from the beginning not only to settle in, but to play some sexy records, but as I said I had the Matinee DJ's open so I jumped right in. So I am doing my thing boom boom vocal boom boom he-he and I start to mix into this special “let the sunshine†mix I did for you guys because it was perfect for the pool party. Right in the beginning of it I hear the sound cut off 90% and not only on the floor but also in my booth monitors. Just so you know the number one rule is not to ever fuck with my monitors because that is how I hear. So they cut the bass bottom off on my monitors. I turned around and Lou B. came running to the booth. I asked him what the fuck was going on. I thought maybe we lost half the power or something but I was so wrong. I guess you know why I started to play Going thru it. Although I know everyone was happy when you heard it coming, but let me tell you I was not. So Lou goes over to the sound guy. He says they told me to lower it. Lou B says “Yo this is our party how dare you, turn it back up.†So the sound goes back up, but not in my booth. The sound guy did not tell Lou that that someone was there from the city of Miami with a sound meter. So when we put the sound up the woman was right by the speaker with the meter. She comes running over flipping out really bad and gave the hotel a fine. She was about to close us down but she left. So we were told that she was there the day before and once she leaves its all good. So we chilled the sound on at 5% for a while then turned it up to 50%. So you guys can at least hear the music. So what happens? Ten minutes she came back again. And really, really starts to flip out and gives the hotel another fine and makes me lower it again. Any vibe that was left was now gone. I felt like I was in purgatory. I was sitting there very upset and all I wanted to do is leave but would never do it to you. So I just stayed focused and played. Great, it now started to rain a little so I did not want my booth to get wet so they put this tarp up. Now I could not see you guys so I am upset and can't see anybody. Music is so low you could barely hear it. My monitors just high and I had a headache but still held it together. Now for the punch-line. Everyone knows when I am playing I want no one to talk to me, I am performing for you. So Lou came in the booth and said “JP I need to speak with youâ€. I said what's up. He said “look†so he pointed to a puddle, inside the puddle was sitting all the wires from the electrical for the sound and lights and I must say enough power to kill people. So Lou looked at me and said “Follow my finger†and moved it two feet to the right and almost in the same puddle was my fans. The crazy thing is no one noticed but Lou B. So Lou said “JP this has been the worst day for you and turning the music off now will probably put you in a grave. So what do you want to do it your choice†So better me than you guys. I turned the music off and in the background some asshole screams JP sucks and yes I must tell you it hurt. So the music is off then it starts to rain again really hard. So I was sitting there just thinking how horrible its must have been for all of you. Some people at Space who went and could not hear me because of going upstairs and for all of you at the pool party who really wanted to get what they came there for. I worked so hard putting together some shit that was going to blow your asses away. Lou B. had not stopped for three months pulling it together as well as my road team working non-stop and Area Events non-stop as well. Honestly, knowing I have the greatest team behind me and knowing no one could have worked harder is the reason why I did not lose my mind. So 30 minutes go by and it was pouring rain and I was done but thank god it was over! Then Lou B. came up and said “Ok JP its all good you can play†and I was like “What the fuck its been over for a half hour Lou.†He pulled up the tarp and I was looking at a packed house of fans standing in the rain! With the saddest eyes I've ever seen I said, “OMG this cannot be happening to me†and started to play. I want everyone who was there to know that I truly love you all and that is what happened from my eyes. So after the party I was feeling like maybe I am wasting my time doing what I do. I was thinking maybe I take all this too seriously. I was in the worst mood of my life. I was with DJ Luv & Lodi and my boy Edgar - my original Sound factory crew. I was good for the moment and then someone told me Danny T is playing classics at Twilo. I was not feeling like I wanted to enjoy myself but I did not make it to DT's birthday. I was thinking how he sang Happy Birthday to me in Sound Factory and how nice Danny has been to me over the years, so I headed over to support my boy. So I got there. I did not say hello because I hate when people say hello to me when I am playing. After ten minutes Danny was warming up and Miss thing brought you classics DT style. Let me tell you, Danny fucking turned it out. Besides him and that damn microphone LOL I was so proud of him. I can honestly say it was the best I've ever heard him play and if you were not there, wherever you were, you missed out big time.. The sound system was incredible. Danny is an inspiration and true professional. The way he worked that system…I felt like I was back at SF, but hanging out. he-he. Some of the classics he was playing I had not heard in years. With some of those records you better know how to work a fucking sound system. I hung out and danced my ass off all night. The club felt great and Danny showed his age musically which, being I am an old bitch too, I had the time of my life.. After walking out of there I felt wonderful again so I want to thank you DT. I appreciate you so much...I also want to tell all of you I feel very blessed to be able to do what I do and want to again thank all of you who support me. I am so sorry that it was bad for you. Although I cannot turn back time, myself and Lou and I are trying to put together a plan to make it up to you. Additionally we will do everything in our power so you can enjoy yourself at our partyies like you deserve to. All my love, Jonathan Peters c THAT EVERYONE DOES...
  4. JP @ the WMC....

    they made him turn the music off it was not his fault although i have to agree when he is mangled his sets suck its when he is on point and not fked up is when we have a hit instead of a miss..all the electrical wires all over the place they felt it was a lawsuit waiting to happen ...he didnt have a choice,,if it were anyone else up there it would of went down the same way
  5. How was JP @ Pacha this past Saturday 2/24?

    a + its about time really ....
  6. How was JP @ Pacha this past Saturday 2/24?

    he was sensational im glad everyone agrees when he is on nobody can touch him the man was off the hook i did not see the fire show but the throw up was hot...
  7. How was JP @ Pacha this past Saturday 2/24?

    deeper i totally agree with you i cant stand that fkn track thank god i was not there for it the man was at his best people who really cant stand him anymore cause they think he fell of or are just tired of going to see if we got a hit or a miss with him were holding their heads he was great
  8. you are an amazing writer why u post here have no idea no regrets love reading your layout ..ur great..
  9. bye bye have a good one wah wah wah
  10. without a doubt carmine they have no idea lmao get out the dogs...lmao
  11. victor calderone @ neptunes

    Out Of Fucking Control Thats All I Have To Say The Best Party In The Hamptons He Ripped It It Was A Really Good Time The Beats Just Kept On Coming And Coming..... Ridiculous
  12. any jp reviews...

    lmao are you serious no wayyyyyy hahahahaha
  13. any jp reviews...

    absolutly insane i called the shots put him in that building and you will see a whole nother person the man is insane
  14. Jp @ Pacha???

    your right but a quick recap wont hurt anybody
  15. Avalon Bust!?!?

    wow wonder whats goona happen at pacha that night ...