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  1. T.O.K's NEW ALBUM

    Have you heard T.O.K's new album Unknown Language. IT'S HOT!!! If you don't believe me check them out at www.myspace.com/tokworld and let me know what you think. A friend at Universal let me hear the cd and it's grrrreat***
  2. Make sure ya'll go and pick that up. I seriously cannot wait to hear the entire album from the Princess of the ROC. I know its gonna be FIRE. Wooo, just a reminder in case anyone has heard the single, here it is.... http://www.rocafella.com/Artist.aspx?v=bio&key=39
  3. New Chapelle DVD...

    Hey whats goin on guys, my name is Leah and Ive just been doing my internship over here at umvd for a minute, and they got this new DVD out over here called BEFORE THEY WERE KINGS 2 and its got some classic Chapelle material on it....I dont wanna ruin anything for you, but just know this has to be probably one of his funniest routines ever....Just wanted to give you the heads up and see what you thought... Leah http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0007Y8AY2/qid%3D1117577360/sr%3D11-1/ref%3Dsr%5F11%5F1/103-5583790-3589437
  4. Any Female R&B fans??

    hey guys whats up??i am a total Hip-Hop/R&B fan and have been a fan forever... I guess mainstream is my preference. anyways I love the new Roc-A-Fella Records line-up featuring a new girl named Teairra Mari. I’m an intern at umvd and I just listened to one of her first songs which I think is already playing on the radio. Anyways, I just wanted some feedback from you Hip-Hop/R&b fans telling me what you think about her. She’s comin coming out with her new album some time in August. Check out this website and Let me know what you guys think!? Teairra Mari - Make Her Feel Good- http://www.rocafella.com/Artist.aspx?v=bio&key=39 Personally I like it and think it could be a cool club jam…
  5. Word everyone Leah here intern for umvd. Just lettin you know that Roc just got this hot new artist-Teairra Mari. Her album just dropped last week.You'll be hearing her in all the clubs so you can get a heads up on whats to come. Listen to Make a Girl Feel and let me know if you think she is hot or not http://www.rocafella.com/Artist.aspx?v=bio&key=39
  6. New HOT Artist on Roc-A-Fella - Teairra Marie....

    Thanks for the response...but this is clubplanet...they will play her songs at clubs... i know it...I just wanted to talk about her, cuz i like her song...that's all
  7. Ya guys heard yet?! Jay-Z had just added some new acts to the Def Jam/Roc-a-Fella roster!! TYGHT!! While being an intern at Universal Music, I heard one of these artist’s new songs. She is 17-year-old Tierra Marie, who is from Detroit. Her first album is gonna debut in July, I think. Jay-Z is the executive producer on Tierra Marie's first project. The mixture of hip–hop and R&B is crazy!!. Her first song, “How to make a girl feel†hit me good, when I first heard it. This is HOTT!! And she is HOTT too! It has some fresh beats that samples from some of the innovators of HIP-HOP!!! ... It seems like theirs gonna be a new young diva rivalry between Amarie, Ciara, Tierra Marie. You guys think people will confuse them with one from the other? Any thoughts???? Teairra Mari - Make a Girl Feel - http://www6.islanddefjam.com/www2/av_system/go.wax?link=5:l883KO1W7WG592338L2547-49597
  8. New Young Gunz and M. Bleek Tracks...

    Id love to get a few replies with some feedback in them, if a few of you could let me know what you think of the boys over at the ROC, lemme know.
  9. Wadup everyone, Im not sure if many of you have heard, but there are new Young Gunz and Memphis Bleeks tracks that have just been released are starting to gain steam. I just started my internship at umvd just this last week and I just wanted to see if I could get some of your opinions on the tracks.... YOUNG GUNZ - Set it Off MEMPHIS BLEEK - Like That If you havent heard the songs, go here... http://www6.defjam.com/site/audiovideo.php to take a listen.....I just want to know if you think either song should be "BUMPED" or "DUMPED". Thanks everyone for your comments.... Kayla
  10. Tony Yayo

    soemthing about tony's voice bugs me
  11. who saw this

    I' don't know of many you wouldn't lick
  12. who saw this

    Did anyone catch Mariah Carey's performance this morning on one of the Good Morning shows to promote her album. If anyone saw it what did you think and if you didn't see it what do you think of Mariah is she still hot or should she consider retirement?
  13. R&B fans whats the word?

    Word? whats the title on that?
  14. R&B fans whats the word?

    Hey whats up I am curious what everyone thinks of the new 112 album Pleasure and Pain? For those that have it or have heard it what do you think? Do they still have it are they still makin good music I would appreciate any opinions here? thanx Leah