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  1. gonna be dope. sign up on guestlist on the website.
  2. scumfrog at le souk tonight should be a nice warm up.
  3. Damien Lazarus, July 6th!!!

    does he play the same stuff as damiAn lazarus?
  4. LES coming back anytime soon!!!

    im sure they will as soon as ali gets healthy.
  5. Paolo Mojo at Crobar June 6th

    poalo is actually part of sasha's entire north american tour during late may/ june. he's played for me twice and is an amazing, creative dj and mad fun to hang out with.
  6. Am I the only one that hates Crobar....?

    i think all of the "super-clubs" are pretty boring, so i avoid them. they serve their purpose though by providing all the trash a place to go, and keeping them out of places like cielo, sully and le souk.
  7. Paolo Mojo @ Sullivan Room tonight?

    he was supposed to have north american dates this week, and they got cancelled. so we had to cancel the party. sorry.
  8. Moby???

    get bent.
  9. Moby???

    i will never support anything moby does in anyway after denouncing being an american citizen on an european television show. i hope he breaks a hip on the way to his gig.
  10. Whats Good for this THurs

    tom stephan ( superchumbo ) @ canal room- doors open at 11pm 10 reduced - east sideproductions .net
  11. Hybrid roll call!!!!!

    im sooooo down for this.