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  1. Foam Party Fri 6/24

    This is the worst club EVER... if you can't find anything better to do just stay home
  2. Surf Club Now complete with Meth and G heads

    JP is gonna rip the board up at Surf Club... he has been spinning a lot down there is he a resident??
  3. Belmar cops this summer

    Last Friday... are first night down in Belmar we go a noise violation... $350... the cops have nothing better to do
  4. comment about fuel

    i def made the wrong choice buy not going there... i heard that it was crazy hot friday...
  5. Cinco De Mayo~whos Doin What?

    Doing the studing thing...
  6. What happened to Fuel?

    when are you opening fuel? i am glad i asked what happend to fuel i thought it closed
  7. NYTimes article: Who Pays $600 for Jeans?

    i never knew that shoes where so importiant... i'd rather pay 600 for the jeans maybe its a guy thing
  8. i have to agree that funk flex's has no talent... but how did he hold it down at the tunnel for so long? Erick Merllio would def be a good resident
  9. What happened to Fuel?

    no... its an afterhours club in newark... i thought it was shut down... i'm def going there friday
  10. What happened to Fuel?

    is there anything going on there this saterday?
  11. Facades??

    wow that was a fast responce... whats the crowd like?
  12. Facades??

    A cople of my friends what to go to facades tommorow i have never been there... can i get some info on it if it dump i dont want to waste my time thanxs!
  13. does fuel still have after hours? an if they do does anyone go?
  14. i just found out that you have to be on the guestlist from this site... i think i am gonna go 2night... that afterhours at crobar sounds hot
  15. Does anyone know who is playing at spirit tonight?