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  1. Horror fans?

    haha nah...im a girl
  2. Horror fans?

    yeh...the amity ville remake just came to theaters like a wk ago or something. and malevolence just came on dvd about a wk ago also. yeh sdeelite, having ryan reynolds w/o his shirt on was a nice touch to the movie
  3. Horror fans?

    i loved wrong turn...great movie:) so have u seen malevolence or the new amityville?
  4. the end of non-hdtv is coming

    hmm...gettin confused now lol
  5. Amerie

    she's a cool new artist...kinda reminds me of ciara
  6. Horror fans?

    whats ur guys fav horror movie? id have to say the new amityville movie. and Malevolence. i just saw that one the other day...awesome movie, you guys gotta see both of them