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  1. Yanks to sign Farnsworth?

    hes a former cubby with a killer fastball
  2. geez.. the Giants are like 3 games out

    btw, the padres play at petco park now
  3. 52 seconds added to pats vrs. steelers game

    no, thats when the pats made their game winning drive
  4. ESPN.com news services Tom Brady, among the league's best in late-game drives, led the Patriots down field for the winning score against the Steelers in 1:21 on Sunday. But could he have done it in 29 seconds? The NFL confirmed Monday that the game clock was improperly set early in the fourth quarter, adding 52 seconds to the game. The error occurred at the beginning of the fourth quarter. With 14:51 remaining, Steelers receiver Cedric Wilson ran a reverse and was held to no gain; the play ran the clock down to 13:59. A false start was called on Steelers guard Kendall Simmons on the next play, but instead of resetting the clock to 13:59, the clock operator set it back to 14:51 -- the time before Wilson's running play began. No one noticed the error, including the officiating crew. Mike Pereira, the NFL's senior director of officiating, spoke to coaches Bill Cowher and Bill Belichick about the error on Monday and addressed it in a prepared statement. "The on-field officiating crew, which oversees the official game clock operated in the press box, failed to recognize that the clock was improperly reset," he said. According to former NFL official Chuck Heberling, who observes the officials in a league-appointed capacity, an NFL employee in New York spotted the error and immediately called officials supervisor Johnny Grier. Grier was sitting with Heberling in the press box. "We checked it out with the statisticians and, according to his records, everything seemed to be all right," Heberling said. As a result, no move was made to try to correct the error. The mistake showed up when the officiating crew, headed by referee Bill Carollo, reviewed the CBS game tape with Grier and Heberling during their usual post-game meeting in a Pittsburgh hotel. "When we ran the tape, it was obvious it [the clock] was jumping," Heberling said. The clock operators -- there are two, one for the game clock and the other for the play clock -- are locally-based but hired by the league. The Steelers did not identify them, and they are not listed with the other officials on the league's statistical report. "It's a very unusual thing," Heberling said. With those extra 52 seconds in place, the Steelers rallied to tie the game 20-20 on Ben Roethlisberger's 4-yard TD pass to Hines Ward with 1:21 remaining. But that was enough time for Brady to lead the Patriots into position for Adam Vinatieri, the league's best clutch kicker, to make a 43-yard field goal with one second remaining to beat the Steelers 23-20 at Heinz Field. Steelers president Dan Rooney was unaware of the mistake until being alerted Monday by reporters. "There's nothing to say. The game's over," Rooney said. "It's not going to change the score." Information from The Associated Press was used in this report. -espn.com a little bogus
  5. Louisiana Looting

  6. Ipod Winner~!?

    wut happened to the green and red boxes
  7. Ipod Winner~!?

    dgmodel they wont announce it till december and only then will u find out they decide not to give one away its one big scam
  8. Madden 2006

    i got mine at midnight for the release.....if ne1 has ps2 madden online ill play them
  9. the little league world series

    hes hit two grandslams
  10. the little league world series

    i doubt ne1 watches the little league world series but theres this pitcher on the vista california team and he looks like hes 20 years old and he struck out all 18 batters he faced
  11. Dan Marino H.O. F

    how about steve young
  12. sf giants slugger bonds to miss out on 05 season

    no stymie, go fuck yourself, if i wanted the ipod, i woulda been all over the messageboards now.
  13. Heeding the advice of the Los Angeles doctors who have been overseeing rehabilitation on his right knee for the past six weeks, San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds told MLB.com on Monday that he does not foresee playing again this season.-sfgiants.com NO SHIT! the doctors are dodgers fans!!!!!!!!
  14. Will u.......

    ha well i guess if i did like hockey it'd be the rangers or islanders
  15. Will u.......

    alright thanks