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  1. Nas' first response at 50

    ada is the only thing close to a commercial rapper with battle skills that can not be puked on.. anyone who has seen good mc's go at each other live knows that: a: most commercial rappers have never proved themselves in any respect to be capable of winning a battle (you know, minus eminem (im sure hes rusty and and has too many holes in his brain now), canibus (who is sort of a dictionoary/script battler)) fuck it, theyre all gay im actually not going to amke another point fuck them no body is messing with shady/aftermath/interscope money rumor is that they want beenie siegal now and maybe mase wow!!!!!what a sick line up i hate mase but beenie,whoaaaaaaa
  2. Underage and hating it.

    for serious people.
  3. Anyone going to Judge Jules @ Avalon?

    yeah im thinking about it too... al of the same reasons. thievery corp is around that night too so im kinda torn.
  4. What u think of these?

    antik sucks... i was with my sister at barneys and they just didnt look special and they were a little more expensive then the other average designer jeans. i bought a pair of ag jeans i really like.. and i am still all about true religion. i dont know, it depends what youre looking for. if its just so people know you spent too much on whatever was supposed to be the hottest item lately, antik will probably get it done.