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  1. Top Tracks for the Week of (4/14/2)

    damn justin where the hell have you been?......hit me up kid
  2. Music Forum: November Jams

    great list hundreth and i am def feeling funkagenda lately, def doing there thing
  3. Pioneer CDJ700s........................

    hey racer do uhave pics of it?
  4. Track ID

    whats up room, where can i get a copy of that track by abigail? thanx in advance
  5. Track of WMC Predictions

    hey whats up , ray ray, where can i hear those tracks that you predict are going to be wmc bombs?
  6. Music Forum: March Madness

    hey whats up, can someone please sedn me that sexy fuck somg , i wanna hear what all the hipe is about
  7. May Jams

    yo choptrop can i get a copy of that jackel trax ... very dope remake
  8. Anyone have.............

    yea need a copy of that too....thanx in advance
  9. May Jams

    wut sup choptrop.......do u know where i can get a copy of that jackel trax....i've been looking everywhere and cant find it ......if poss can u send it to me