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  1. Support Our Torturers!

    i agree with the "naysayer" americans are arrogant. the whole world is against this war. BUT OF COURSE - AMERICAN KNOWS BETTER. after 911..we had the world on our side. Ready to help in ANY way they can. Not even 2 months later. We did a complete 180. Of course...were right..everyone else is wrong. <rolling eyes> I feel that only uncultured hicks are the ones who are stupid enough to beleive the crap in the media. Anyone who has traveled and has seen the world, KNOWS that america is not what we claim to be. Actually we are quite primitive with our CHRISTIAN "MORALS" and mission for perfection. We have to stop thinking we are better than everyone. we have to stop thinking we are always right. In reality, america will not last another 30 years. The EU is already on its way to destroying our economy. ROMAN EMPIRE #2..here we come. we've only been around for what...200 years? but of course...we think we are industructable. Lets be realistic here.
  2. support our troops u say? ok. BRING THEM HOME WE HAVE NO PLACE IN IRAQ. NEVER DID. PERIOD. IRAQ = NOT TERRORISTS..at least..were not..BUT NOW WE GAVE THEM REASON TO JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON BIN LADIN?..BIN WHO? yeah...dead or alive my ass. BUSH before election. TERROR..TERROR..TERROR BUSH after election.....umm..what happened with that lil issue called terrorism? we are all being played for suckers and in the end...in 10 years...when the new generation of hate is old enough to join terrorism...WE ARE FUCKED. a small group..managed to infiltrate us...9-11. that small group has now multiplied 100x beacuse we treated EVERYONE in the middle east like terrorists. instead of dealing with that small group. yeah, 911 was bad. BUT what they did to us...we do to other countries all over the world..ALL THE TIME. Im not saying its ok, but we took such offense to it..because the american mentality is "i dont care what happens, as long as it doesnt happen to us..fuck eveyrone else" something horrible like that finally happened to us..and we went running around th world...like maniacs..taking over countries..and killing thousands of innocent people for no reason. Just for the bushs administration....all they care about is $$$$...but too many morons actually beleived all his shit. if your 10 and you see your homeland getting abused the way it is now...if you saw all the children die..etc etc....you would hate the country that did this for no reason too. we made the problem WAYY worse. Bring our soldiers home..lets end this. No more blood. IRAQ = had nothing to do with it, but now they do. USA = FUCKED UP BIGTIME.
  3. DJ Lemoch

    hehe..u win. best of luck.
  4. DJ Lemoch

    nyc has enough talent.
  5. z pills

    ok. first off. One set of green zorros, can be and actualyl 99% ARE different from another set. Once a pill is pressed. (most commonly mda + speed these days), a week later after the 1000x are distributed, other dealers press the same pills..but cut to shit....to make a profit. mda, mde, and mdma are all 100% safe. mda DOES NOT give u hallucinations. DMX gives you a robotrip state....and 2cb is the cut chemical in pills that make u trip.) your best bet is to buy a test kit. AND EVERYTIME test it. If u get good pills..you shoutld only find an mda/mdma/mde chemical mixed with metamphetime(speed) or cafeine etc (to form a hard pill)...pure mdma CANNOT be pressed into a pill. It took me YEARS...actually 22, to try E for the first time, i did research galore. I dont understand how people can just ask for a pill by brand name..and jus take it....75% of the shit is corrupt now adays (unless you have people on the inside rave scene - REAL scene..not exit/avalon crap) ONLY THING TO WATCH OUT FOR IS PMA. PMA(i beleive thats what it is PMA-PMO..something like that) WILL KILL YOU.
  6. I am looking for a list of some specific songs(i cant locate them online or in the stores). PM me if you think you can help me out and i will tell you what i need. If you have exactly what i want, i have no problem p.a.y.p.a.lling you some cash from my boyfreinds account for your trouble. Thanks.
  7. did picotto destroy crobar last night????

    did someone say BORIS plays "real house"? LMAO no. Sanchez plays real house. Boris plays KTU house/tribal.
  8. Remember ARC???

    I hope you guys are being sarcastic. It didnt shut down that long ago. And old school? No..now vinyl. Now THATs what we should be talking about.
  9. Any DJ's Have This On Vinyl???

    EDIT: the links was fucked up, now it works. IF YOU DO - I WILL BUY IT OFF YOU Ill pay up to $16. I know its nothing special, but i want to buy it for my boyfreind. We have a special memory attached to this song when draper(ok this isnt a draper bashing post, so hold back your comments) dropped it as his first track @ his return to exit party(1999-00? i dont exactly remember). PM if you have it. xoxo <3
  10. Any DJ's Have This On Vinyl???

    my bad, DOUBLE POST.
  11. what's everyone's setup right now??

    I feel that. Still sucks that everyones a dj. Too much crapppp out
  12. Is Exit Still open????

    thanks for the welcome im shocked. Seriously. Shady shit must definitly be lurking in the shadows of that venue. Sucks cause it has potential for an EDM venue as originally "planned". But with immature and unexperienced promoters and 16 year old hard house heads - by the time exit was at its peak, the lack of quality people involved behind the scenes made it all crumble.
  13. skoof sets

    you know him? I was just posting in the jersey forum how he picked me and some people from a crowd at a battle and made us pick random records for him to mix on the spot. I give him props for that. Half those other punks SOOOO had their sets memorized. If you have anything to upload to me, that would be cool. If you dont-Its really not that big of a deal. I'll just download a set from someone else. With studio recorded mixes, they all sound the same nowadays anyway. Any good recomendations?
  14. Is Exit Still open????

    wow, you mean the venue formerlly known as carbon-exit-black-exit2-ikon etc (lmao) is STILL open?
  15. skoof sets

    Anyone have any skoof sets? ANYTHING besides the one he has on his stupid ass web page. Even though its a sick mix, I personally cant hear it anymore. Ive overkilled it. Limewire has nothing.