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  1. We Mourn The Passing Of The Godfather Of Dance Music, Mel Cheren, Who Left Us This Afternoon (friday, December 7, 2007). We Will Always Save A Place On The Dancefloor For You, Mel. Junior Asks His Friends And Fans To Honor, Respect And Never Forget Mel's Heavenly Spirit And Tireless Ambition. Ain't No Other.)
  2. Junior this weekend

    Is his birthday bash still going on this weekend at Sol?
  3. wednesday night

    Models and Bottles,u better off going to SouthBeach.
  4. Go ahead Bitch DWI at 100mph and crash straight into a brick wall and die instantly.
  5. Whats up with Roxy....

    Thank You.
  6. I know Junior played last week,and tonite there's a party,saw people dressed in disco cloths standing on line waiting to get in.
  7. Peter's Underwear party.
  8. Assholes just don't know how to act.Take that wannabe gangsta shit somewhere else.
  9. Call To Action: NYC Pridefest Cancelled by New York City Permit Denial Please send messages to Mayor Bloomberg and other elected officials and protest the cancellation of Pridefest, a centerpiece of Gay Pride in New York City! The city called this a new event, and denied the permit, when it was simply a change of location for an established and much loved Pride event. -Tommy For News After you send your messages, pass this on. PRIDEfest, the street fair that typically follows the annual Gay Pride Parade, has been canceled this year because the city denied the event a permit at a new site, organizers said yesterday. Heritage of Pride, which runs the festival, had wanted to move the event from the West Village to Chelsea and hold it June 23, the day before the parade. But PRIDEfest organizers were mystified by the city's decision, noting that there were already twice as many street events planned for the day of the parade, June 24, than for the day before. "The police excuse is bogus. It doesn't make sense," said Phil Mannino, co-chairman of the event. "Until they can provide me with logical reasons as to why they're not giving us Saturday, then I'm not going to believe their excuses." In December, organizers requested approval to move the festival from Greenwich and Washington Sts. to Eighth Ave. in Chelsea because the streets in the West Village are too narrow to accommodate the approximately 300,000 people expected to attend the street fair, which has been held for the past 14 years. More: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/2007/05/13/2007-05-13_pridefest_put_to_rest_as_city_nixes_new_-1.html You can get contactinformation through this website: www.congress.org You can use this linkto send a message to Mayor Bloomberg: http://www.nyc.gov/portal/site/nycgov/menuitem.bd08ee7c7c1ffec87c4b36d501c789a0/index.jsp?doc_name=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nyc.gov%2Fhtml%2Fmail%2Fhtml%2Fmayor.html Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg City Hall New York, NY 10007 PHONE 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC) FAX (212) 788-8123 E-MAIL: http://www.nyc.gov/html/mail/html/mayor.html Other NYC Officials: http://www.nyc.gov/portal/site/nycgov/menuitem.047d873163b300bc6c4451f401c789a0/index.jsp?doc_name=/html/mail/html/appoint.html Heritage of Pride Announcement: http://www.hopinc.org/media/NYCDeniesPrideEventPermit-Update.pdf Other Pride events still scheduled: http://www.nycpride.org/home/
  10. playing at Pacha?
  11. where will u b tonite? i dont know where to go

    Staying in tonight.Tomorrow going bike riding all day.
  12. hip hop and ktu @ wmc?

    Great Hip Hop added to WMC,can you imagine seeing them walking up,Collins,Rodeo Drive and Washington Ave in mid day sunny,85 dgrees guys with shorts and Timb boots,and the nasty ugly ghetto hoochies to go with it.
  13. Jonathan Peters

    I agree with you,Been a fan of JP siince the warly 90's,he can throw down some sick beats,Tribal sets are awesome.Danny T has lost me like 2 years ago with his music.I'm hoping JP will come out with a new cd,hes way over due.