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  1. Barbara is going to rip the shit out of that place tonight, and hopefully the full techno line up brings in all the right people. Here is a link, I think it is a year old, but enjoy! http://www.klubvision.it/mb.wma
  2. Help...I'm going to be in NY

    I think Luke Fair is the answer...Cellar was a bit dead last time though, and drink prices..WOW.
  3. green velvet at avalon review

    I thought Velvet tore it up...She's a pin up girl was great to hear live, and the area of the crowd I was in was loving him hearing him shout out "camera's ready , prepare the flash" including me. There were TONS of people who just were at Avalon because it's Avalon and didn't know who he was..understandable, he is not for everyone. The dude on before him, and after him was just horrible. Sorry to say. I am not sure how long that guy played for after, maybe just a bit. I went up to check out what was happening in the booth, and why it sounded like shit and the dude spent about 1 minute DJing for every 5 he just let the CD play and talked to his friends...no wonder.
  4. how was ralph falcon??

    I thought he was great. Sorry, kind of a weak review but that sums it up..tore the place up for sure.
  5. Is Temple Any Good?

    I went to see Doc Martin there a few weeks ago...I actually was impressed with the space and sounds, the Doc ripped it...but, it was empty - kinda killing the good times with an empty dance floor.
  6. Montreal

    Montreal really kicks ass as far as partying goes. Aria is such a fuckin great club, and Stereo IS one of the best sound systems I have ever heard.