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  1. Song Id Please

    Can someone help me id the name of this track and mix on this playlist? The song is 2:12 in to the set. At work can't upload from this pc but the link is here: cyberjamz.com/archives/ http://cyberjamz.com/stream.php?fid=Ian_Friday_Mix.wma
  2. Track Id?

    Yo you don't know how long I've been looking for that track. Thanks alot, Happy New Year!
  3. Track Id?

    Not sure if anyone on these boards knows but what the hell. Think it was released in '99. Thanks
  4. Deepa @ School Fri 12/8

    went last nite and had a great time. school is a small lounge w/ a great sound system, brian burnside was spot on w/ his music selection. I def. will be @ the next deepa party and would recommend it to anyone into deep soulful house .
  5. W/ DJ's Sal Leone and Brian Burnside. Any of my true house heads been to this party.
  6. Been away from the boards for a while but not the music. Still haven't made it out to shelter since they moved, so 6/10 is up in the air between the two.
  7. Monday nights?

    Went last monday for the first time! Sh!t was the truth. I want to check it out on Wed's for the Root's party but not sure if Louie Vega still has his parties since he won that Grammy. Any good parties on Tuesdays?
  8. damn I want to go but I have to work this saturday and i know cielo closes its doors pretty early!
  9. Will make it out there in like 2008 I've seen some of the Vids and the dancers that are there are thorough. I saw the new video of Byron Cox and he has improved alot since the video SB posted a while back.
  10. What it means to be Silverbull

    Kaydup said it best. Why is it so hard for people to not read his posts if you know it is the same parties every week. If it weren't for SB I probably wouldn't know about half the parties he posts.
  11. Sorry I missed this party too! I actually got there @ 2am w/ a friend and the bouncer said you had to be on the guest list to get in. Then he said you had to know the promoters, when I threw your name out there Gabe he started giving me more run around, he even went as far as saying DJ Boris was Djing and it was an exclusive event! The real reason for him not letting us in I thought was my friend was in a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers but from the looks of the pics he would have blended right in! I'll be out for the line up in December for sho!
  12. Working late but will be there, gotta make up for missing Joe and Francois @ Love/Cielo.
  13. Silverbull, I'll definately make it out on Thanksgiving eve, If i'm out before then and see you I'll introduce myself. Gotta catch up on all the parties i've been so busy missing.
  14. How was Lola set when she spun there?
  15. Some "housedancing" clips for ya to enjoy!

    Gotta make it out to the 718 sessions to see what's really up! Haven't been out since Joe was spinning @ Love. Watching those clips makes me want to go out every day of the week! Gotta bump this!