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  1. Acosta/Velez. Passion review...

    will they be playing again next wed. ( Acosta/Velez). I missed it this week but i want to check them out 8)

    armin van buuren - shivers
  3. pvd & sander @ space last night

    awsome, everybody rocked space last night. i got home at 8. 8)
  4. my space & tiesto review

    i waited an hour and a half to get into armin and i had a ticket. that sucks, i have tickets for space tonight i think i'll be there early. by the way, at what time does it start?
  5. Nocturnal?

    yeah but not at nocturnal right ???
  6. Dj headphones help HDJ-1000

    mine also lost sound on one side. i ordered the cable from pioneer and they were ok for about 2 months. then they took a shit again. so i'm looking in to the new technics.
  7. dress code for afterhours space tonight?

    i checked last night before i left and saw the flyer for that gay party. is every friday at space a gay night? i thought the afterhours isn't.
  8. ;D I'm djing tonite until 3 and I wanted to know if they'll let me in with shorts and sneakers at space afterhours? ???
  9. Trance Fans, Favorite Trax?

    how about : Dumode - can u dig it ricky le roy- taureg liquid child - diving faces mario piu - communication tt hacky - i want you dj taucher - science fiction trance allstars - the first rebirth ( taucher mix) those are some of the many that i love. ;D
  10. http://mialounge.com/contact.html check out this link..it has an address and directions to get there... ;D
  11. I heard MIA Lounge is doing an open deck night.....Is this true? If so when is it? thanks ;D

    he played "out of the blue" the last time he was at space... ;D
  13. Witches track

    If your talking about a trance track, it's by Aqualords-Witches. Its a pretty old track but still moves. ;D ;D
  14. CoolJunkie DJ Spin Off 2003 - Schedule

    Is the launch party going to be at the Virgin in Sunset Place? ;D