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  1. pumped for radioslave this fri!!!
  2. ahhh the citric party wiht holosound is always a blast!
  3. very excited to be sharing the main room with creamer again... the addition of stephane k makes my night!
  4. so sick. Preach killed shelter a while back. and tom colontonio is no slouch. Just recently signed to PVDs vandit label. will be a sick night
  5. yeah i think so too.. I've been wanting to see jules forever.. can't wait
  6. Where you going for NYE?

    i've got a family party but then i'm also going to love for after hours. I heard open bar or something
  7. very trancey weekend ahead of us with these two parties and PvD in the park
  8. After Party Pvd Sat The 18th

    thats actually the wrong info.. here's the right stuff.. you can also check out www.CoreEventsNYC.com for info guest list - tix
  9. After Party Pvd Sat The 18th

    nothing official but Perry O'Neil, Victor Dinaire and Noel Sanger are at Rebel. I know a lot of people are headed there after.