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  1. Next Week in Vegas?

    Jet was a blast..... Thanks for the advice....
  2. Next Week in Vegas?

    He was one of the residents at ICE before it weas sold, right? awesome! thanks for the tip, I'll be there....
  3. Next Week in Vegas?

    what's going on the week after the superbowl during the week? any notable locals to see off strip? anythin "not to be missed"? any suggestions? will be good to get out of the snow for a week....
  4. Best sound system in vegas right now?

    Nice, I sould've went..... seems as if I see them down in FL every few years or so....
  5. Best sound system in vegas right now?

    good to hear it is sounding good in there again.... and that it will continue on as a nightspot for the foreseeable time.... I had been sorely disappointed with the sound on the visits I had made when I first moved to Denver.... time for a revisit i guess.... was RITM a live PA show or DJ set?
  6. record shopping in Vegas

    where do the locals do their local record hunting?
  7. Best sound system in vegas right now?

    Denver.... word on the street is that the venue has recently changed hands, but I can not confirm this... only rumor mill stuff right now.... not documented on the official website either, so could be some bunk.... anyway.... the venue is quite nice, multiple rooms.... large sanctuary for the main room.... too bad the current sound in there was not up to par in my experience.... better sound and crowd, that place would be flagship instalation material.... http://www.coclubs.com/church/churchMain.html
  8. Best sound system in vegas right now?

    frigging spammers.... LoL thanks for the advise everyone... are there any locals boards talkign of more "underground" events (maybe that happen during the week)
  9. Best sound system in vegas right now?

    coming back this Feb again for some fun.... noticed that ICE closed, heard the rumors that the equipment may make it over to Empire.... any new systems of note considered a must hear? thanks Y'all.....
  10. I have a mobile system available in Denver: The heart of the system is a vintage UREI 1620 and RLA X2000 crossover... Altec VOTTS, JBL Bullets, and CV Earthquakes for sound Vintage Crown, Phase Linear, Crest, EV amplification processing with White EQs and vintage dbx email at louped.garou AT gmail.com for more info and bookings...
  11. what to do next week in DC? Tuesday through Thursday.... typically like house, etc -- trying to stay away from hip hop nights thanks...
  12. Best sound system in vegas right now?

    you have mail what early mornings are empire open?
  13. Best sound system in vegas right now?

    you can get on of the new ones for about $1100 if you look around, price on old ones varies depending on condition you can add outboard effects or mix three copies each hitting within a 1/4 beat to add some excitement.... and i have heard that an outboard x-fader really isn't to difficult to design/order either, if it is a necessity...