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    Don't Sleep Worldwide is an international House & Techno promotions group.
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  1. Eddie Richards @ The Goodlife 10/19

    fo sho. i'll ring you tomorrow afternoon.
  2. Eddie Richards @ The Goodlife 10/19

    bumpy bumpty bump! NO COVER! DRINK SPECIALS! and the best tech-house dj on the planet!!!
  3. King Unique @ Axis 10/19

    a la jolla man clings to life after being brutally attacked by a pack of wild dogs in an abandoned pool...
  4. Eddie Richards @ The Goodlife 10/19

    can't wait to see everyone. missed quite a few of you out on friday, so hopefully we'll see you at the GoodLife for a little 'Evil' Eddie Richards... early weekend - here i come!!!
  5. 9/24 - JAY TRIPWIRE & LUKE MCKEEHAN (Vancouver) @ bump

    jay tripwire is one of the most solid house djs out there right now - love him every time!
  6. Doc Martin comes to RISE!

    Come join the community @ RISE Afterhours in Boston as our own Matthew Craig is joined by the legendary Doc Martin & SUBLEVEL from L.A. Prepare for a memorable journey as we venture far and away into the sacred & mysterious world of Deep House music. Get ready to dive into a blissful illusion of Acid House, Tribal, Tech, and Classics and experience the moving vocals of Lillia with a special SUBLEVEL LIVE performance. Do not miss this rare Boston engagement with one of the world's most sought after House music icons. Come early and get ready to stay late... whatever you do, Don't Sleep on this one! Huge special thanks to Tom & Darrin! Peace, Love, and House Music!
  7. Cevin Fisher w/ Filthy & Swells @ RISE 8/5/06!

  8. Marz turns 7.... get your FThang on!

    see you guys there!
  9. recording studio needed in Boston!

    anyone know of a place i could go to record my new mix? at home is ok, but this needs some quality sound. any suggestions would be very helpful! best, Matthew Craig
  10. Heather & Colette @ RISE 6/9/06!!!

    Had a great night out with everyone. It was really nice to finally meet some of you - and it was great seeing all of you that i do know! I didn't get downstairs until after my set upstairs (obviously), but Randy and Sergio were holding it down - nice and Techy that night! =) Colette was predictable, but Heather took that room to the next level - she's a fuckin' great DJ! I had a really great time! Especially Tom, Darrin, Randy, & Sergio - thanks again!
  11. Heather & Colette @ RISE 6/9/06!!!

    nice one!
  12. Heather & Colette @ RISE 6/9/06!!!

    getting super excited for this one - can't wait to see you guys out! what's everyone up to before???
  13. MIGUEL MIGS w/ Randy Deshaies & feat. Lisa Shaw @ Avalon 6/2

    how was it then??? all good things i'm sure! =)
  14. Richie Hawtin with Magda & Troy Pierce @ Axis

    Magda always rocks! her styly is very unique - i have a good time out every time i see her play. and she's a cutey to boot!
  15. Hotel Recommendation

    don't know about right by Fenway - I think Howard Johnson is down there. ghetto but cheap if you're just partying. whenever i stay in town, i always stay at the Charlesmark Hotel at 655 Boylston Street [across from the library]. that place is new, posh, super friendly, and they have a really nice bar at in the lobby. pretty much a short cab to anywhere...