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  1. Purenation Recap

    DeepDish appears to have redeemed himself to the Boston contingent at the purenation festival in chicago.. I hope to see many more of you guys out next year in my home town.. thanks to jose, avi, Vyto, Joy, chris R, Jenn for coming.. peace RADAR
  2. I am getting my equipment and starting my career as a DJ tonite.. Allen Heath Xone 92 Rotary 2 Pioneer CDJ1000Mk3s A couple Mackie 450's Tightest connections.... I will personally fly out my Boston connection to my first event whenever that happens.. -DJRADAR
  3. Steve Porter Returns to RISE July 7th!

    anyone goign to chicago house festival july21-24 other than VVD?
  4. Luke Fair @ Rise 6/23! Reversible Quarterly Launch!

    discokitten unfortunately i have too many girls right now so i can at least add you to my backup list.. peace out radar
  5. Luke Fair @ Rise 6/23! Reversible Quarterly Launch!

    Does rise serve Booze? I saw Luke in chicago but our spot is open till 5 aM and you can smoke and alcohol flows freely all night.. Im gonna be in NY so i coudl drive up if its worth it, rent a car or some shit
  6. 20 yrs old... what to do on saturday night?

    go grab a couple tall glasses of milk, and play checkers all night top it off by taking in a show, maybe Ice Age or monsters inc? Do not forget to thank me for the recommendations. cheers, Colonel Sanders
  7. Slouch Mix

    I was playing it in my car so i cant use the mouse, my BMW does not have a built in laptop. I am currently studying up and compiling my mix, look for release in early 2007 just in time for the WMC.
  8. Slouch Mix

    I heard the mix , only problem is he burns it into one long song so anytime you want to listen to part of it its a huge pain, next time put the work to split it into tracks..
  9. To Discokitten

    alicat78... i think so, i went there, and you guys and jose ditched me for a bit..
  10. To Discokitten

    Since you are such a legend from what i see on this message board i will make it my personal goal to do very bad things with you when i return to boston. The legend of Radar will continue.. not like you could resist me anyways
  11. DANNY HOWELLS w/ Eli Wilkie @ AVALON 4/14!

    saw him last night in chi-town was fucking amazing but now i feel like death..
  12. WMC Gurn Champion

    hey DJJoemama i look forward to seeing you spin, somepeople i talked to the last days before my flight said you throw down some good shit..
  13. Id.. Please

    i take it u were not at WMC my friend, i ate twice in 3 days, and that was a shitty burger at all you can drink day party ...
  14. Id.. Please

    oh my bad, i mispoke, i meant 8 pack, they dont sell those no more. . God its so hard for me to be thoroughbred..
  15. Id.. Please

    im immortal.. dgmodel? my abs put you to shame....