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  1. plaid schoolgirl skirts?

    Where can i get a school girl skirt...its for halloween. I want a mini skirt, but not so short and slutty that my ass is hanging out. And i'd prefer it if it was red and black. Finding it online would be best. Ive had a hard time searching. thanks
  2. Japanese Straightening

    I got it done a couple years ago, i was DYING for it. I love my hair being straight but with mine..i have to either blow dry it or let it air dry and then straighten it w/ a straightener either way and it takes FOREVER..and if it gets wet..then im screwed. I got it done at this japanese hair place in Scarsdale NY (a bit outside of NYC)...i have long hair (below shoulders) and it was only 500 dollars. It lasted for a very very long time because i have long hair. I thought i'd have been more because usually it STARTS at 500 dolalrs. But no..it was only 500. They did a fabulous job and i was in love with it..it was great. I was afraid of it looking gross when it grew out, but i actually didn't notice it so much, my straight hair weighed down my hair growing in a bit and if i felt like it, i straightened it. I reccomend it to anyone! Its great. the only reason i havent done it since is because i dont have 500 to spend on it ..soon though
  3. Stash Necklaces?!

    Thanks to this site, i just recently realized the term for what i have been looking for is "stash necklace" as in the necklace Sarah michelle gellar had in Cruel Intentions. Im looking for one just like that, a cross, but i havent had any luck in finding one. Does anyone know a good place (online) or a good tip on finding one.