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  1. Junior Vasquez

    All this drama about Junior! Maybe I should go already and see and hear for myself what its all about. So much and hate and darma. I mean the guy is old scholol, he can't be that bad.
  2. No more Afterhours?

    It all depends on where you go and who you listen to. DJ's like Vibe, Calderone, Tenaglia, Boris, Cevin Fisher, etc start to get better and harder towards the end.//afterhours. I go to Danny parties at like 5am, b/c I know that by 8am its gonna be nuts. The best after hours back in the day use to be at the ARC/Vinyl with Tenaglia every friday...... At 4am when you heard the siren oR the truck horn it was DT bringing you from Friday well into Saturday. Discotheque with Erik Morillo on thursdays and saturdays use to be also sick. That system was nuts! Also Cheetah back in the day with BORiS use to be hot. THE ONLY REAL AFTER HOURS SPOT LEFT THAT HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS IN NYC... IS CLUBSHELTER WITH TIMMY REGISFORD EVERY SATURDAY FROM 5AM-???... i BELIEVE TIMMY HOLDS DOWN THE LONGEST RESIDENCY RECORD IN NYC TO SPIN IN ONE VENUE.
  3. Steve Lawler

    Wow, for real... Last time that I heard Lawler spin was with Danny Tenaglia at the ROXY for Thanksgiving like four years ago... He is a great DJ, I hope he comes out soon to NYC
  4. That would be sick.... But it I wish Danny Tenaglia would open up a club like Vynnyl again...
  5. Keys to the Mansion

    Wow! What is happening to NYC nightlife? Twilo?SPirit gone. Roxy gone, Crobar gone, Arc/Vynnyl gone, Exit gone. Discoteque Afterhours are gone, Limelight?Avolon gone, Tunnel R.I.P gone, I mean I keep hoping for a turn around in NYC nigh life but It aint happening. The only good real clubs left are Pacha, Cielo, and Show on sundays. Shelter also. NYC is not Miami or Los Angeles I dont understnad this models and bottles shit, I mean how many more lounges gotta open in NYC, what ever happened to just going to a club at 4-5 am and dancing the night away.
  6. Junior Vasquez

    Wow ur such a little drama queen/ attention WHORE... All you do is cry and argue with people and hate. U deserve to get bitch slapped more often. LOL U remind me of computer jockey, I wouldn't be surprissed if you two were related. Its b/c of you that this board went down the drain, b/c people like you come on here and look for drama instead on trying to contribute to the scene. And if ur to stupid to understand me or where Iam coming from, then just answer this. Junior is not my favorite DJ, but I give the man mad respect b/c he contributed his life to the scene and music.--- and maybe lately he is not at his peak like he was back in his Twilo days, but he is still contributing. WHAT ARE YOU CONRIBUTING OTHER THEN TALK SHIT???????
  7. How ABout Instead Of Guessing And Talking Shit, And Making False Predictions We Wait And See What Happens..........
  8. Heath Ledger is dead

    Yea I read about that. He was found naked and dead by his cleaning lady in his Soho apartment. They say he had pills laying around all over. This guy has money, fame, everything a person could ask for. I don't understand what happened, sad when they go so young he was only 28. R.I.P Knights Tale & The Patriot were sick movies that he played in.
  9. Merrit is the man! He is a dying breed of DJ;s in NYC. Never about the money, always about the music and having fun. The guy spins all over NYC for decades. I have nothing but respect for Dj's like that and hope more to come of his style in the future...
  10. Where is the new JVM.com site?

    Juniors best days where in Twilo. that was his home that he build. Now hes homeless just jumping from one venue to the next, just like JP did until PACHA reopened. By the way whats up with Twilo/Spirit is it ever going to reopen? Anyone?
  11. Noah and Jason Get Sassy

  12. Sat Jan 26th

    Hit up SHELTER for afterhours, Timmy Regisford holds it down.
  13. Junior Vasquez

    Hahaha, another gay loser on this board with no life. Seriously how old are you that you make comments like that? Or are you just simply retarted?
  14. Junior Vasquez

    Your so gay and corny, all you do is come on this board and cry and complain like a little bitch that you probably are. I bet your boy drills your ass every night. If you hate Junior so much then why do you go to his partys? Don't you have anything better to do then sit on clubplanet all day and critizise people and djs. Junior is one of the DJS that contributed his whole life to the scene. What are you contributing to the scene? Other then talk shit. So do us all a favor and crawl back to the hole that you came out of in the first place.