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  1. Dt's Thoughts on Downtown Miami (NE 11th Street.

    those genres of music have always been a part of miami. i dont unserstand why some seem so shocked like if its something new. if you ask me, its what defines the city--all the variety of music, cultures etc. and shows how miami is influenced by the latin american and carribbean ppl. just cuz you dont like that music doesnt mean you have to bash it. especially with endless generalizations like ""Teenage Dropouts" with gangsta looking tattoos up their necks, arms, etc and even some people with "weapons"--
  2. Happy birthday nexusgroove...

    happy b day man. so how are you going to celebrate?
  3. Davidson Ospina in Miami...???

  4. Midnight Perverts & Brando Ness @ Blue, Fri June 15th

    awesome. anyone here going?
  5. Is South Beach The Place To Go??

    south beach is Miamis main tourist attraction. and for a good reason. but dont just limit yourself there. really, anywhere in the miami beach area youll find something to do, either by day or night. we have clubs where the min age is 18, you can go to those. now if you want to attend a premier club then good luck.
  6. The 2007 hurricane season is finally here!!!

    seems like youve been looking forward to it