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  1. Kaia (BT's daughter) is missing

    child was returned, she was arrested, charges quickly dropped
  2. Miami 18+?

    Thanks for the info. I ended up not having to show ID at one of the "big clubs" you mentioned above, but this was not the result of luck or a lax policy. Lesson Learned: Miami is very very strict.
  3. Was able to answer my question. The event is going to be 19+ (Pacha recently changed fridays from 18+ to 19+). Just purchased advanced tickets for myself and friends who I know will be coming. There are a few who may be showing up, but aren't going to be getting tickets. Can someone help me get them on one of the reduced guest lists (if they will be running them that night)?
  4. were you up in the booth, or are you just tall? I missed this, fortunately because I was having fun in Miami. deamau5 is awesome.
  5. How is the sound/light system at Mansion? I haven't checked it out yet. Pacha gets the some of the best DJs in the city, but the some of crowd that is let in (especially on 18+ nights) bothers a lot of people who go there. I am sure everyone here knows I am talking about. They need some serious face control.
  6. Miami 18+?

    removed to protect the awesome clubs that let me in anyway
  7. Miami 18+?

    removed to protect the awesome clubs that let me in anyway
  8. Alex Pearce at Pacha (Video)

    I believe the track is: 12 Years Later - Oxia
  9. Just got back, it was amazing. I wasn't expecting to pay a $50 cover when I got there at 4:15 am, nor was I expecting one of the coat check girls to refuse to give me back my change. But the music was amazing, and the crowd was full of energy, even when I left around 7:00 am.
  10. (artist) Dirty South anyone?

    I want to see him either in Hartford (Room 960) or NYC (Cielo), but both these events are 21+.
  11. How should people dress for this event? This will be my first time going to Avalon.