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  1. Jr @ Cielo Sunday

    he was actually layering the acappella over another track .
  2. junior throws down at pacha

    does anyone one know when junior comes on sunday night in miami? i know there's a few djs on the bill for that evening.
  3. Junior Vasquez

    thanks, turns out i won't be needing it anymore. i was supposed to be off on friday but now i've been called in to work.... oh well. would've loved to hear Jr on that system again. please post reviews on friday.
  4. Junior Vasquez

    once i download the file , it won't open up for me. help please : )
  5. Junior Vasquez

    I think it's been his outloook for a long time now but someone managed to keep it in the dark. Juniors light will shine again...........
  6. Junior Vasquez

    i've been actually hearing great things about eddie elias. i'm thinking about checking him out after Jr. if i make it out on sunday.
  7. Junior Vasquez

    i've thaught this as well... more jerome than jr. tho...
  8. Jerome Must Go!!!!!!!!AND HE IS NOW FIRED!!!!!!

    PERSONALLY, i never gave up on junior but i do think jerome must go and i've felt this way for a veeeeeeeery long time. I feel that jerome has never been good 4 Jr. and he's obviously made some very poor decisions that seem to be damaging Jr's career. I really hope Jr. gets it together and gets back on track, first step lose Jerome!!!
  9. Vinyl 4 sale....

    click on: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZsekretsource also check out my discogs page, everything is for sale and thousands of more titles to be listed soon.... http://www.discogs.com/user/Sekretsource <!-- / message --> <!-- controls -->