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Potential Partner Attention Whores. . .

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no not attn: whores or attention whores. . .lol

strictly for the potential partner attention whores!

Ladies. . .and Gents. . .and Kittens

you do not need to walk into a room and be the loudest one there ::unless your drunk and u cant help it::. . .

there is no need to make excessive eye contact with your prey to the point where it becomes awkward. . .

you do not have to promote what sexual positions u can be placed in OR perform any dry humping with objects of a room or on someones back just to draw attention ::unless your really drunk and u cant help it::. . .

no need to take your shirts off or lift your top to show off your abs, breasts, or unfit body's (as applicable). . .

no need to lick your lips or stick out your tounge and flick it up and down in a rapid motion. . .

you want em? go get em!

:D ~all this excusable if you are extremely drunk~ :D

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How true is that, sadly I knew a girl that did ALL OF THE ABOVE sober!!

I've done some STUPID things while drunk and thankfully no articles of clothing came off, at least not in a crowded room.:laugh:

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