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I had such an intense sexual dream last night...

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but unfortunetly it involved my ex! WTF? :shaky:

I'm going away with a bunch of friends Memorial Day weekend, and he's coming along...and I'm thinking, like, DO I REALLY WANNA DO THAT??!?!?!!?!?!:confused: :confused: :confused:

This dream was unlike no other I've had before...and besides the fact, I NEVER remember my dreams....OMG....

this is kinda flipping me out....:shake: :shake:

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lol...he hasn't made me cum...but honestly, I know he could. Lately I've been thinking the problem is more so me than them...

anywho...hmmm...details....let me see...

... I remember it starting off in a car...we were talking and stuff and all of a sudden we were kissing, and then he went downtown and I just remember in the dream I had this intense feeling...like connection and blah blah blah....

Then the dream switched and we were on a balcony of some sort...I was riding him...and we were all sweaty...again with the intense feeling...of course there 's more...but I'm really a lil' nervous to totally re-live this dream. :shake:

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