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Memorial Day in Vegas! Victor Calderone


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:D How hot is that picture of Victor???? :D

If you haven't had the honor of hearing him spinning you need to get your ass to SIN CITY, THE GIANT GAMBLING SANDBOX and GET TO THIS PARTY Here is Victor's info



Victor Calderone:


There are DJs and then there’s Victor Calderone. His name reverberates throughout the dance music community with excitement and anticipation. Calderone’s impact on dance floors worldwide is undisputed. He has skyrocketed to international "superstar" status with his innovative, tribal-inflected remixes of songs from some of the industry’s most successful artists like Madonna, Sting, Destiny’s Child, Mandalay, Garbage and Elton John. Victor has also had tremendous success with his own original productions. His single "Give It Up" was a #1 Billboard Dance Chart hit and its follow-up "Beat Me Harder" was equally successful.

After the phenomenal success of "Beat Me Harder," Calderone is poised to be on top of the dance charts once again with his new original track, "Are You Satisfied?" with vocalist Deborah Cooper. It was Cooper, the former C&C Music Factory vocalist, who recorded the dance smash "Do It Properly"-the much anticipated collaboration between Victor and Peter Rauhofer (aka Club 69).

Calderone’s long-awaited follow-up, E=VC2 Volume 2, is a record to be reckoned with. It is a deft, bruisingly thunderous fusion of soaring vocal anthems, hypnotic house tracks and a cavalcade of thunderous tribal beats. The flawlessly beat-mixed compilation is definitely not your run of the mill dance mix. Recorded live in the city that never sleeps, New York City, it is pure Victor Calderone. E=VC2 Volume 2 allows audiences from around the world a glimpse into the sonic frenzy that the DJ/producer/remixer extraordinaire creates every night.

However, Calderone’s meteoric rise to dance music "superstardom" did not happen overnight. It wasn’t until September of 1997 that Victor got one of his biggest breaks. He was invited by club-impresario Ingrid Casares of Miami’s hotspot Liquid to become their resident Saturday night DJ. The crowd response was so overwhelmingly positive that he was asked to come back to Manhattan to spin as the featured guest DJ at several nightclubs. These guest spots eventually lead him to a Saturday night residency at the famed New York City nightclub, The Roxy.

Soon after, Calderone began doing several remixes for artists like Madonna, Ricky Martin and Gloria Estefan. Not surprisingly, Victor’s musical career catapulted. He was in demand, juggling a hectic remixing schedule while maintaining his weekly Saturday night residency at The Roxy, a monthly DJ spot at Liquid in Miami and occasionally traveling across the globe for guest DJ gigs. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that New York-based Tommy Boy Music signed the pioneering DJ to a multi-album development deal. E=VC2 Volume 2 is Victor’s second release for the label (and coincidentally, Victor’s second beat-mixed cd collection).

Musically, the album is slightly more varied than Calderone’s debut. "I think it’s stylistically different," Calderone says. "It’s definitely a darker compilation this time around. The first compilation had several pop anthems whereas this album has more tribal and euro elements to it."

Some of today’s hottest club records are featured on this essential compilation including Satoshi Tomie’s dance floor anthem "Sneaky One," Mary Mary’s soulful "Praise You," and Massiv’s electrifying "Who Am I?"

E=VC2 Volume 2 includes three previously unreleased songs including Calderone’s exclusive mix of Madonna’s "Skin" (only available on this collection) and "Are you Satisfied?"- the much anticipated new single from Calderone, making this his first in four years. Calderone delivers a foot-stomping, full on vocal anthem that is sure to be a peak hour track at clubs throughout the world.

Following the release of E=VC2 Volume 2, Victor will begin working on producing a full-length album for a burgeoning vocalist. "This album is in the same vein as such artists as Dido and Mandalay. It has more mood and ambient influences," Victor says.

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Boy, tell us how you feel Brian!!! Besides, buying a $300 plane ticket to Vegas to see Victor, I don't know of him or about him. But only a few DJ's could ever get me on a plane and half way across the country to see them...

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guaranteed or your money backkkk! FRIDAy night victor is going to rip it! I heard danny t and jr spin in c2k, it could have been a lil better , but victor is going to do his thing...i had the pleasure in seing him spin at crow bar for wmc all i can say it was a bit bannanas :eek:

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