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ok, girls here's a guestion

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How long do you wait before a guy blows his chance with you?

Or How long before you lose interest in guy that missed all the signs that you were interested? What would you do (signs)?

One chance deal? 2?6?

Here is why I ask ( This a very very basic summary of what happened so it may be a bit confusing)

A friend of mine and I went to this bar that we go to once a week after work. Anyway, there's a bartender , who's a total sweet heart ( also she went to HS with us just a couple yrs younger) that he likes and all three of us are having casual conv. And at some point I think he actually has shot with girl. So I ask him if he wants me to say something, he's like yea, then no,etc. Well., he is shy and sober (he's driving). Well, we close the place and she askes if she can get a ride home. Of course we give her a ride.Well, drops me off at my place and then he. Next day I ask what happened ( thinking he'd ask her out or get her #) Turns out he did neither Just drove her home. He said he did not want to make her uncortfortable. But now after thinking about it,it's driving him nuts cause he thinks he has blown it because he missed the "signs"


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