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Wanna Get Laid in Ibiza!!!!

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:) :) Hello once again. Say, I do not check this site too often (maybe I should......HELLO) Anyway, I see that 111 people hit my message but only a few replied. I am from the Midwest and love it. Second, we are not sure on where we want to go. Getting to the Island is our first real project. Where to go from there is where many of you "Regulars" come in. I guess we do want to stay at a hotel. I do not mind the heat much but if AC is good for this time of year, I may look for it. I also read someone say........ "Your to busy partying to even stay at the hotel" I totally hear that. BUT, a nice night with good food and maybe some female company is always nice too :D :D Can we get a Ferry from Mallorca to Ibiza?? We are thinkig we will be there the last week in Sept. Just to experience the culture and meet people from alllll over is real exciting!!:) I am not sure on other questions to ask. Many of you have been very helpful and have emailed my yahoo account..... Thank You!! ([email protected])

Have a great day!!!


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