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*Guys can you tell when a chick is faking it*

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Well, I never had one fake it so I am not sure.:rolleyes:

Actually, if you have spent enough time with a girl you could. Some girls get extremely wet during and orgasm and if that was the case and she did not get wet that would probably be the only way to tell.

I have a question though. Why the hell would a girl fake it. I mean damn if I am not pleasing a girl I would rather her tell me what the hell I am doing wrong then fake it. And damn if she wants me to get off of her then all she has to do is ask, I can always take care of myself.


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There are other ways to tell if a woman has/is about to cum other than the increase in lube...

But maybe I shouldn't spill the beans in case there are some women here who don't want their act to be ruined? :confused::laugh2:

I agree Z, what's the point... if he's not trying why waste my energy stroking his ego... and if he is trying why lie to him???

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Originally posted by bustaknut2001

Most girls fake it. You have to get a certain spot and that certain spot isn't really touched during intercourse.


Please son. That's easily reachable in most girls. Check your angle of entry [theta] and you should be able to hit it quite nicely.

As for faking... well sometimes it's easy to tell, sometimes the girl's a really good actor.

But all i have to say is, if you're acting instead of telling the truth, you forefit ALL right to complain about a non-satisfying experience.

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