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headed to DC, need info!

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whattup DC heads - I'm trekking down to DC on June 14th to see Pappa and S&P at Buzz. Have a couple of questions:

We're probably driving straight from NYC to Buzz, but will not get to DC until around 11 o'clock -

- what time does Buzz open?

- What time does it close?

- is there a line and what is the entrance situation (i.e. are they selective, searches, etc...)

- Lastly, what is there to do on saturdays? Anyone know who's spinning at Glow?

Thanks a mil and see you at Buzz!

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Buzz opens doors at 10. From 10 - 12 only the front room is opne where they play DnB and breaks usually. The main room is always listed as opneing at 11:30 but almost always opens at 12 instead. Things in the front room seem to wind down by 5 and Buzz officially ends at 6 at which time the stafff of Nationwill kick tell you to get the fuck out. There is a search before you pay which can range from very light to somewhat thorough depending on who's working the line and how crowded it is, how fast they want the line to move, etc. (And if you look like me you usually get a more thorough search). The don't allow in gum aor candy, vicks inhalers, dust masks, pacifiers, and shit like that. They've had issues with the line situation outside in the past, but recently things have seemed fine, though I get there on the early side. There's no velvet rope bullshit and no dress code, though I once saw a thread on the Buzz board that a door guy turned some people away for not looking enough like ravers which was fucking weird. Hope some of this helps.

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