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Hot shit coming soon (AKA The Buzz Chart) 5-25-02

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Time for another installment...SUMMER IS HERE!!!!

1. Dirty vegas-Ghosts (MAS Collective, Lexicon Ave, Joeski, and Mestre and Santos mixes) WOWZA

2.Raven Maize-Fascinated (Agent Sumo Mix)

3. K Klass-baby Wants to Ride (Pete Heller mix)

4. The Streets-Weak Become Heroes (Ashley beedle mix)

5.Robbie Rivera feat Shawnee taylor-Funk A tron (VOCAL MIX)

6.King Unique-Sugar High

7.Mutiny- Ya Self

8. Narcotic Thrust-Safe From harm (K Klass mix)

9. X Press 2-Lazy (Problem Kids mix)

10. Absolute Beginerz-Reckless Girl (Kidstuff mix and Original)

11. Giddy Aunt (Aka ATFC)-Bounce, Bump, Jump, Shout

12.D-System-Shutdown (Evolved mix)

13. Drumatic Twins-Feelin Kinda Strange

14.Fused-terror (Cevin fisher mix)

15. Mousse T-Fire (Max reich mix)

16. Alive feat DD Klein-Alive

17.Jamiroquay-Main Vein (Knee Deep and Deep Swing mixes)

18.Louie Balo feat jeannie Hopper-Guiding Light (Pete Heller mix)

19. Coloursound-Fly With Me (Middleton mix)

20. Intenso Project-Luv da Sunshine

21. Lost Witness-Angel (Origional and Solar Stone mix)

22.Indiana (AKA Dino Lenny)-Do You Hear Me (original and Solar Stone mix)

23.Bah Samba-Drifting/reach Inside

24. Mojolators-Just Begun

25.Nova-All This Time

26.Golden Boy feat miss Kittin-Rippin Kittin (X Press 2 mix)


28.Starecase-see (Timo Maas)

29.Jazzy M-Heaven

30.Michael M-Let Ya Have It (Guido mix)

31.Hatiras-final Flash/Trans Mission

32.Majestic 12-Shes like a Narcotic

33.MR G-Henpecked

34.Hot 22 pres Sweetreat-Dreamscape/Joy

35.The Dealer-Tribal Dub

36.Oscar G-Dark beat

37.Steve mac-Keep beating the Drum

38. Amma-On My Own

39.Milton Jackson-Incidental

40.Golden Soul-Keep your Head Up (Montanari and Ruberto mix)

41.Moezee-My guitar

42.Tenaglia and Tom Stephan-Ovah

43.Science Department-Dusk Til Dawn

44.Who Da Funk-Sting Me red

45.Fully Booked-In The Night

46.Artificial Funk-I Can't Help Myself

47.Kats and Styles-You're my Everything

48.Tomy or Zox-Music Makes me Happy (ATFC 2002 mix)

49.Spectralminds-I Can Give It To You (original)

50.the residents feat Joy-Don't Take Away

51.lottie, Mutiny and Steve Mac-Bad Bitch

52.Peter G and Mister M-beat Back (Darkbeat and Hardbeat mixes)

53.King Britt pres Obafunike-freedom (DJ Dozia mix)

54.Prime Mover-Black Dogs

55.DJ Spacecase-Crazy Sound

56.House X and the Sex-rumba and Bumba

57.Chris Dee-ultrasound (Ben Shaw mix)

58.Hamel, Swain and Snell-Future

59.Love Solution-Don't Ask Why (Bini and Martini mix)

60.Microtek-Mean Machine

thats it for now....happy huntin and have a great memorial day weekend!

Fliz :D

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Hmm....I'm curious to see how Ashley Beedle would rework the Streets. Their entire EP is amazing, but most of the remixes I've heard off of it so far have been evne better than the originals.

As of the Lazy remix, do we really need another one?

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Guest saleen351
Originally posted by bless88

any word on when dark beat will be available????

as far as i know I'm the only person on the board thats heard it so far. Its only played at Space here in Miami.... But it will be at the jersey shore soon, but no shot at anyone getting their hands on it.... Maybee august.....

Flizz, any info on JV REACT vox mix? LOVING IT... but I don't have it and I don't have the proper id..... very ktuish, but club worthy....

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