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FAve snack after orgasim!

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in case of leaving the house: chinese food! god i love this stuff

in case of staying in the house:

häägen-dazs strawberry icecream! oooh this stuff is just soo yummy :tongue:

i quote:

"Sweet, summer strawberries are introduced to pure cream and other natural ingredients. Brimming over with real fruit, the true flavor of the strawberries comes shining through. This is the strawberry lover's essence of pure pleasure."


:drool: :drool:

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not my favorite... but what i usually get after sex... (besides an std.. lol j/k) 3 eggs on a roll with bacon... 1/2gallon of OJ, or if joey hooked me with vitamin water then 3 stress-b's... toothpaste/washed out with listerine... then off to bed... (6-7am.)

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