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  1. true religion jeans

    dee how many messageboards are ya on?? lol and on topic..bebe jeans fit me great as does most of bebe stuff...sevens are hit or miss they aither look like they were made for me or in the same size and cut look horrible.... i've yet to try juicy
  2. What to wear

    well what are you doing for new years?
  3. Best Cologne?!?

    i dunno i like having just one or two scents that are mine...i switch to something new when the bottle is over...but all this changing is too much for me
  4. Movado

    ^^ewww...id know it was a knockoff!! buy things that u can afford and not fakes of what u can't afford
  5. Movado

  6. Lancome

    most of my make-up is lancome...it stays on for a long time and the mascaras are def the best i ever tried...only thing i dont like is the nailpolishes.. chanel stays without chipping longer
  7. Flower Bomb

    im all of those :sigh:
  8. Engagement rings

    i personally would never buy a pawn shop ring...i def heard its bad luck and id want something that is my own and (most likely) previously unworn
  9. Best Cologne?!?

    my bf wears chanel-egoiste platinum its unbelievable
  10. fashion faux pas

    so comfy....i wear them around the house and for grocery shopping...to me they are more comfy than flip flops... what i hate are those beach sandals with clear strap that either says dior or has burberry print or huge rhinestones and says marc jacobs...i dunno what they are called but they are ugly
  11. Chanel Sunglasses

    exactly....i remember looking at some Dior shades and they would look nice on me but the had too much stuff going on on the sides i cant stand that
  12. Chanel Sunglasses

    do they just have the simple DG letters in gold on the side? thats what i have
  13. lil scarf/hankerchief

    a lot of old ladies around here wear it so i associate neck scarves with old ladies forever now
  14. Scents....

    i love it...i like light scents like that!! also love D&G light blue and dior J'Adore but the pink version it smells more girly
  15. how much do you spend?

    all depends...i can walk for hours and spend $20 or like last week i spent $170 in a half hour...