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Wanna See Sluts Get Fucked...

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I don't know, I just looked at that shit, and it seems kind of psychotic to me. Those girls aren't even hot and the guys are dicks to them. That's not funny. If all you're having is sex, the girls' gotta either be hot or charming, and even if you're just having sex, you don't want to be like 'fuck you' or something. What is that? I wouldn't even be turned on. It's just like mechanical.

What is psychotic? I don't know, I guess when the focus is all on the body and you don't even care about the other person's existence you know? Get a "real doll" then I guess.

Even if I'm just fucking a girl for sex.... damn the shit on that bus doesn't even look sexy. Of course no matter who you're hanging out with, whether you're going to the zoo with them, having sex with them, or playing catch at the beach, you want to be communicating with them, not hating them.

There is a truth and it is in all of us, and it should be put above all things.....

Regardless of the fact of if you're just having sex for sex, this truth remains the same, and should always be put first: Love one another.

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