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Dj Equipment

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sup bro its good to hear u wanna start mixin...

if u want my advice dont buy a thing from canal st... its all referbished shit. i got my denon 2600 there. one deck wasnt working and they had the fkn nerve to tell me that its not their problem...

if u need some help pickin out some equipment gimme a holla ill help u out...

- peace

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1) Find a low price on the Internet for what you want.

2) Print it out.

3) Take the printout to Guitar Center in Queens (get a friend to drive you or something).

4) You get the lowest possible price from a reputable dealer.

5) Enjoy.

(Just make sure you call Guitar Center first, because there are a couple of web sites they don't accept -- ones that aren't legit.)

Seriously... you can save hundreds this way. :aright:

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