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I just made some chili...

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Originally posted by avalondon3

chili in the middle of summer?? I think its time for a milkshake rather than chili..

btw...I really like Wendy's chilli..at 99 cents, you cant beat it!

Yeah, dat shnit's g00d !

I just had a frosty from Wendy's! Yummm:)

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vic's recipie for poor mans chili:

1/2 bottle of pace picante sauce (extra chunky)

1 can of beans (goya black beans and pink beans werk well)

velveeta cheese, to taste

1. mix the pace picante sauce and can of beans in bowel.

2. microwave until heated thouroghly

3. add slice of velveeta until melted

4. enjoy!

5. tell everyone u are not available that evening


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