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Nice article


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I like this one more:

Dog Eat Dog

Turkey's team opted during the cup to play keep away from kimchee, kkakdugi and kalbi—the names not of Korean strikers but of Korean foods. Several tons of friendlier fare were waiting for the Turks in their camp in Korea's Kang Dong district, including container loads of onion and garlic. Imported chefs have been offering the homesick lads ladle after ladle of stewed chickpeas and the national dish, haricot beans (thankfully, antacid is not on the list of proscribed drugs). Spain, too, decided to go easy on the local cuisine. Team members rescued a puppy from a dog-meat stall in an Ulsan market. The fortunate canine, named 'Camachín' after Spain's coach José Antonio Camacho, is now the unofficial team mascot instead of a menu item.

—By Andrew Finkel and Jane Walker

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