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Words such as rollin? trippin?

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ite if sum1 says i was trippin off nice hits n he/she talkin bout extacy no body should b a fegg n correct them by sayin acid is trippin n e is rollin 1st of all dats real sad 2nd dats how u kno ur a sic crackhead n also the word "rollin" it has no ring to it wen im on e i like to us buggin "buggin balls" "buggin face" " buggin hard" now try rollin "rollin balls" def not "rollin face" if u said dat u get laughed at "rollin hard" no comment

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Originally posted by jonnyblaze2001


you can also smoke weed and say your drunk, say you are high off acid.... hey you can say your sober if u smoke dust..... y not right................:idea::blown:

lmao... or should I say... werd 1 laffed my Azz 0ff n sh1t

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