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***Hot Black Teen***


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Originally posted by darthvader

whatever.........you'd be lucky to have a babe like this one! :rolleyes:

i dont think shes that hot... and i dont think luck has much to do with getting a girl like that... (and its has nothing to do with the color, i used to hangout in the cocoalounge) halle berry, vannessa williams, naomi campbell, vivica fox, tyra banks, just an example of a few hot girls... (imo but however to each their own what i thing is right you may think is left, what i think is down you might think is up... thats what makes this all so great! so post on p'atner)

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Originally posted by sexxyh

~~why doesnt she shave or at least trim whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???:puke:

why should she? *shrugs* hair exists. deal with it your own way, but insulting other people because they choose to go 'natural' is kinda lame.

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well youre obviously communicating with me some how??? in any event... i am reffering to that ignorant troglodyte above your post by the name of GSP, hence why i addressed it to him... if thats not selfexplanatory i dont know what is...

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