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Death Rattle


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In San Francisco, under the auspices of a rabbi, the homosexuals hold a formal "ball." In Washington, D. C., in the Sheraton-Park Hotel, the homosexuals, both "male" arid "female" hold an official convention, and lobby against any restrictions on their spreading filth. They picket the White House for freedom to "marry" each other. Queers DO get "married" and live together in public. And nobody really protests!

TIME magazine reports, that one of America's top writers, Norman Mailer ("The Naked and the Dead"), now concentrates on the bowel. "Man's nature," says this Jewish playwright, "can be divined by the color, the shape, the size of the movement of his bowel contents!" This "artist" regularly appears on national TV and has his books published. No outraged protest.

While Jewish groups have managed to get Christmas Carols outlawed in many schools in New Jersey, California, New York, Illinois and many other states, Negro groups are actually agitating for NEGRO SANTA CLAUSES - and GETTING them! The Cleveland Press, reports they even have a union, 'The Union of Negro Santa Clauses" lobbying for black Santa Clauses in stores. Can you IMAGINE the effect of setting YOUR little toddler on the knee of a BLACK Santa Claus? If the kid cries, the case is no doubt referred to the State Discrimination Commission and the toddler sent to reform school for being a "hater."

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All over Washington, our top diplomats and dignitaries engage in drunken orgies of dancing the "frug" and the "watusi". Photos are made of our leaders appearing in sexual poses exactly like those of naked cannibals in Africa.

In San Francisco, a Negro named Harry Dedrick runs a shoeshine parlor. He has hired topless, White girls to shine Negroes' shoes!

A press dispatch on reports that a Negro mother of 14 illegitimate children in Newark, New Jersey, blames her plight on lack of relief money. She told New Jersey State Senator Grossi that, although she had received more than sixteen thousands dollars in relief money, this amount of money was so small that she was "forced to cohabit with men." No protest.

The Santa Barbara High School puts on the play "King Arthur's Round Table." Sir Launcelot, the lover of Queen Guinevere, is played by a six-foot Negro football player.

In literally tens of thousands of Jobs, White men are fired or passed over for promotion, especially in the federal government, to make jobs available to admittedly incompetent Negroes! Harry Golden recommends $100 billion be given outright to Negroes by White taxpayers! Negro labor leader A. Philip Randolph goes before Congress and demands a $185 billion gift to Negroes! Americans accept this arrogance meekly.

Sammy Davis, Jr., the Negro-Jew entertainer, plays "the fastest gun in the West" in "The Rifleman" TV show. When this one-eyed Jewish Negro appears in the western town, we are shown all the White men running and hiding. Americans swallow this without protest.

In Washington, D.C., police corner a Negro rapist in an elevator, stuck between floors, with his White female victim still terrified in there with the Black rapist. Before police break in to rescue the White girl and capture the Negro, they have to read the criminal a speech about his "rights," his privilege of remaining silent and his right to have a lawyer, for fear he might shout something "incriminating!" Madness! - and nobody cares enough to stop it!

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All over the country, although it is not being reported except in isolated incidents, Negroes are using a new robbery technique. 15 or 20 tough Negro males walk into a small store and, at a given signal, run out with armfuls of goods. Nothing much can be done about it, since they are BLACK.

In Boston, Negro schools are so dangerous the Board of Education can't get any teachers to go in among these vicious Blacks. So they offer a thousand dollar bonus for teachers to face the razors, knives, rape and filth-"Combat Pay" it is called in the press. But it is not enough. Teachers still balk at braving the black hell.

Washington, D. C. once had the best schools in the nation. Then it desegregated. Now the schools are overwhelmingly black, after almost all the Whites moved to suburbs. So the D. C. schools have become among the worst in the country- so bad that the race-mixers who ruined them now claim that children attending them are "deprived".

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Police officers have to be stationed in the halls of these Negro schools, the rooms and halls smell of urine, windows are all smashed out every year, and it is almost impossible to get good teachers to put up with the attacks and abuse heaped on them by Black pupils.

The government builds tremendous, multi-million dollar "slum clearance" modern apartment buildings, and turns them over to Negroes almost free. The fine new buildings promptly become vile slums, with elevators unsafe and often inoperative from all the Negro urine which literally shorts out the wires and rots the cables and flooring.

Washington, D.C. papers run advertisements for the new "Watergate Apartments," which boast that these new apartments have closed-circuit TV to guard all passageways, electrified fences, armed guards at all entrances and the rest of the things common to a PRISON. Negro crime is so rampant in the capital of the United States that a Congressman is stabbed in his offices by a Black savage.

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High school girls coming to visit their nation's capital in the spring are regularly ravished by sex-crazy Black bucks and even the White school boys are now victims of gangs of Black teenagers who "shake them down" for money, watches and other valuables. Nobody dares point out that this is NEGRO crime. Everybody deplores the "crime wave," but it's "hate" to identify the Black criminals, who commit 85% of serious crime (FBI reports).

Tens of thousands of these Blacks, most of them living on "welfare" provided by hard-working White people, have openly organized what they openly call a "Black Revolution," in which they violently attack our cities, policemen, firemen and anybody who is White.

They scream, "Burn, baby, burn!", and loot millions of dollars of goods from stores, right under the noses of our policemen (who are usually ordered by politicians to do nothing). And they boast that, if we don't give them what they want, they will "tear down everything Western Civilization stands for," as Stokely Carmichael puts it. There is no real resistance. In fact, at colleges, Carmichael gets standing ovations from White students for his "GET WHITEY" speeches.

On almost any magazine stand these days you can buy dozens of paperback books and magazines devoted to the most disgusting pornography, depravity and homosexuality-emphasizing enlarged male genitals and showing nude men caressing each other!

A Negro from the Watts section of Los Angeles wins an art prize with a sculpture consisting of the broken window of an automobile, an old generator, a busted oil can and some odd, dirty junk, all welded together. Another "great" "sculptor"-Lipshitz-wins another "art" prize and has his work exhibited in the White House.

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Crucified chickens, naked sex-orgies on stage, bowel-movement prophets, businessmen wearing lipstick and false eyelashes . . . !

As painful as it has been for me, I have steeled myself to set down these almost unbelievable samples of rot and insanity infecting our civilization.

But the real depth of the problem cannot be gauged by these mere symptoms of degeneracy.

To plumb the depth of our plunge toward hell, one must examine the less sensational course of our every-day affairs, and the astounding way we tolerate growing horror in our daily lives.

Take a look at what YOU put up with every day of the year - what millions and millions of us meekly tolerate!

Just a few generations ago our forefathers fought a desperate war against the mightiest power on earth - the British army and navy - over relatively minor taxes on tea and some stamps required on legal documents. They fought a bloody war for the right to help set those small taxes.

Today, not only do we have literally thousands of different taxes on stamps, tea and everything else, but they have STOLEN OUR MONEY TOO!


They've done it so gradually that we have actually allowed ourselves to be robbed, just as surely as if it were done by bandits with pistols.

Our grandfathers could guard against future insecurity by saving up actual gold coins. Many young people today have never SEEN a gold coin. They don't miss what they have never experienced. And too few of the rest of us stop to think about it all, so we never remind them.

Franklin D. Roosevelt started the robbery by decreeing that YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY GOLD.


In the hysteria of a depression, people let Roosevelt and his gang take away every last gold coin we had. It's illegal for you to own them.

People tolerated this outrage because, we were told, the gold was held in safekeeping for us at Fort Knox. It said, right on our paper money, that it was backed by that gold (at Fort Knox). My older readers may remember the "Gold Certificates," which were orange-colored instead of green, and redeemable in solid gold.

Then, after the people had become accustomed to the idea of not being allowed to have their gold, but only the certificates standing for that gold, they went a step further.

They withdrew the gold certificates. They took away the gold backing for our paper money, and replaced it with "Silver Certificates." People went along with this, too, since they felt they could always fall back on the solid silver behind the paper.

Then, in 1964, the thieves moved ahead to step three: they changed the paper money again, and took away even the promise to pay for the paper in silver. Take a look at the paper money in your pocket. Unless it is a rarity, it no longer says "Silver Certificate," as it did only a few years ago. Now it just says "Federal Reserve Note."

And what does THAT mean? Literally NOTHING! You can get neither gold nor silver coin for the paper.

But still there was actual SILVER in the pockets of Americans; dimes, quarters, half-dollars and silver "cartwheels." We still had something of real value.

Finally, in 1965, they took the last step and removed the silver from the coinage. Now the coins in your pocket are as worthless as the paper - just slugs.

And all this time, FOREIGNERS can and do drain YOUR gold - the gold our ancestors sweat and died to win for America. Foreigners take BILLIONS of dollars worth of gold in periods of weeks. As I dictate these words, foreigners have the right to "call" more of our remaining gold at Fort Knox than is available, leaving you - and your country - penniless.

Our great-great-granddaddies fought and won a bloody war over PENNIES and taxes on tea and stamps.

Yet the present generation doesn't make any effective protest even when it is ROBBED by its government and given worthless paper and slugs for its gold, while the gold is being hauled out of the country by arrogant foreigners who are getting it FREE - as "foreign aid!"

Meanwhile, even the paper money and credit we still have left is taxed at a higher rate (an average of more than 25% total of all taxes) than anything ever known in history under a supposedly free government. Most Americans meekly work about two days out of every week, not to take care of themselves and their dear ones, or even to help OUR nation- but to send wheat, food, machinery and our services to Communists, cannibals and criminal gangsters posing as "statesmen" in Africa, Haiti, Asia, India, etc., and loafing Negroes in America, Much of what we send to India for instance is devoured by millions of sacred COWS and rats- while there are hungry Americas right here at home!

Never in history has a great people so meekly submitted to outrageous robbery and payment of tribute to its ENEMIES!

Millions of fine American young people who would like to get married, and should be able to, can't - because they can't afford it!

So while they work to save enough money to have good American kids, their money is taken in taxes and in gold to enable foreigners and Blacks in Africa and here to have swarms of Black kids on OUR money - on "foreign aid" and "welfare!"

Instead of having a sweet little White American baby, American couples must work hard to produce African kids, Asian kids and kids of nations which openly hate us, and millions of illegitimate Black babies living on welfare here in America!

Meanwhile, take a ride out on a main road near any big city in what are called the "rush hours." You can't move. You sit, bumper to bumper, jammed in by the enormous crush of PEOPLE. We are almost swamped with people, polluting the air with the cars and manufacturing for too many people, polluting the water with the flood of sewage from too many people, jamming every road, every public and private facility with too many people. And there are such a hellish number MORE people on the way that even the liberals and the United Nations experts cringe. They babble about birth control.

But while we already suffer from such a log-jam of population, and limit our own numbers by birth control, our "leaders" are regularly letting down the bars for more and more immigration! We have recently gone all the way in this insanity and opened up the country to the endless millions and millions and millions from teeming Asia and Africa.

If you live in or near a big city, is it necessary for me to inform you of what has been done to our beautiful parks?

New York's Central Park is perhaps the most horrifying example in America. This refreshing patch of green in the dingy stone canyons of Manhattan was once a haven for nature-starved humanity toiling and living in the depressing artificiality of a great city.

But then came the "love-mongers" with their "equality" propaganda and the resulting flood of savage Africans from Harlem. Today, no amount of policing can make Central Park safe for honest citizens, especially women. The Park has been almost formally given up to the Black Terror -to African savagery!

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It is the same in all the big cities. In Chicago, they have had to rip up the shrubbery in the many small parks scattered throughout the city, because the bushes were used by lurking Blacks to attack White passers-by, especially women. Nor is it only the city parks which have been abandoned to the spawn of the jungle by those who created them.

The streets of America, even in small towns, have become the hunting grounds for growing swarms of criminals, almost all of them BLACK. In the face of this danger, the obvious, tried and true methods by which police once kept the streets safe have been abandoned, and the police handcuffed with a crazy pattern of restrictions, so that YOU are no longer able to depend on police to protect you. Many policemen, understandably, would rather look the other way than take the chance of jail or losing their job for stopping a Black criminal and then being accused of "police brutality," or starting a riot.

If the reader is a young man, he PERSONALLY faces a horror none of us in previous generations ever had to face.

In all wars before Korea and Vietnam, our leaders at least tried to WIN - they didn't risk our lives without letting us use every weapon we had to defend ourselves and beat the enemy. But as I dictate these lines, young Americans boys, armed only with a pistol and a flashlight, are being sent down filthy tunnels after the deadly Vietcong guerillas!

All that would be necessary to save the lives of many of these kids would be to squirt TEAR GAS down these holes, forcing the red rats out.

But since "world opinion" would raise a hue and cry about even tear gas, we sent those kids down there in the dark and death for NOTHING! Tear gas is reserved only for use on our OWN people, such as college girls at Oxford, Mississippi. Our leaders use bayonets and gas on White girls resisting Black invasion, but won't let American fighting men use that Same tear gas on our deadly Communist enemies in Vietnam!

Nobody has even mentioned this, to my knowledge!

And, in spite of the fuss made about "our boys" as veterans, they are abandoned the moment they apply for employment with their own government, in favor of AFRICANS. All over America, in Post Offices, Federal installations and federal-funded projects, White men, even veterans, are being discriminated against in favor of Negroes!

Mothers with small children are being forced to put helpless White kids on buses and ship them miles across town to BLACK schools, where their White girls will be fondled and attacked by animalistic Negro boys, and little White boys will be beaten and "shaken down" by these same African animals.

Literally thousands of the Blacks, man and boy, are heavily armed and openly DRILLING for war against us, war they have already been practicing in dozens of cities, during which they have OVERCOME THE ENTIRE POLICE DEPARTMENTS of such cities as Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, etc., so that the National Guard had to be called out.

In the face of this open insurrection by heavily armed Black armies, which have been able to destroy police protection, our "leaders" are demanding that WE be disarmed!

They want to take away or register our guns so they can be seized at a moment's notice - by Negro police officers.

Nobody disarmed the bloodthirsty "Black Panthers" -who invaded the California Legislature, armed with automatic weapons, shotguns and revolvers!

Such examples of depravity and insanity could be multiplied indefinitely. My files bulge with thousands more documented items such as the foregoing.

But it should not be necessary.

The pattern should be clear to all those who are not determined to be stubbornly blind.

It is not these crazy facts themselves which are horrifying. There have always been nuts and criminals and wickedness, treason and depravity.

The difference between all previous times and our times is that the sort of monstrous insanity I have reported causes no particular outrage or indignation! These mad and vile things are accepted by most Americans, and the rest of the world. In fact, many of them are points of pride!

Nobody has a fit when a Negro gathers our young girls up for a "Sexual Freedom League" and holds naked, interracial sex orgies in Berkeley, California. No. That is a sign of "freedom" and "progress" today!

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Other civilizations before us have gone down to collapse and death. But always before they fell, they have died of senility, of age, weariness and centuries of decline.

White, Western civilization is not old in terms of the millions of years of human existence. It is young, especially in America, and should be vigorous, healthy and aggressive.

Instead, it is mortally sick, weak, feeble, mad and depraved - dying.

Even Rome, during its decline, never reached the depths to which America has already sunk. If that sounds hard to believe, just try to imagine the following:

Picture the pomp and splendor of a Roman "Triumph" for a returning general at the head of his legions; the blaring trumpets, the horses and chariot wheels clattering on the cobblestones, the roar of the Roman crowd, the senators in white togas waiting in their dignity on the steps of the Imperial palace, the marching, armored legions, helmets and swords flashing in the sun, scarlet banners flying from their eagle, standards

Now, into the midst of this scene, picture a mob of Black Ethiopian slaves swarming from the gutter over the palace steps shouting "F--- CAESAR!", carrying signs "Smash Roman Power," and singing "We Shall Overcome !"

Can you IMAGINE Rome, at its worst, ever tolerating this outrage?

But wait! . . . There is more!

The trumpets blare and the vast crowd waits for Caesar himself to appear on the balcony high up in the magnificent palace. The great man appears. He raises his hand to still the roars of the crowd. The crowd falls silent, and mighty Caesar speaks. Caesar shouts the battle-cry of the Ethiopians: "WE SHALL OVERCOME !"

The Ethiopian Blacks are still mobbing the steps below the balcony, shouting "F--- CAESAR !" Suddenly some members of the Roman crowd leap forward and bash the Ethiopians.

Caesar immediately orders the Roman citizens seized and executed, and invites the Black Ethiopians up to the palace so he can apologize over tea and cakes.

While Caesar is serving tea and cakes to the Ethiopians, they stage a sit-in in the palace, refusing to leave all night, finally urinating on the marble stairs.

Is it necessary to draw the picture to the last line?

Can any American forget the scene in the joint session of our Congress in 1965 when our President shouted the slogan of the Black terrorists and revolutionists, "We SHALL OVERCOME!" and our robed Supreme Court rose and applauded? Or when the Negroes held a mass urination in the streets of Montgomery, Alabama?

Did any nation ever sink so low? Where, in the history of all peoples for all time, will you find an equal for the situation in America where our "leaders" openly ally themselves with our enemies and persecute patriots? Where our Attorney General gets down on his knees, begging these Black revolutionists to leave his office?

How come? Why? What's happened to our people?

It is not surprising that there are evil forces at work. That has been the case since history began.

But in our time, the very victims of the evil are the chief promoters of the evil itself. Our leaders are for the "barbarians" and against us!

Somehow, our people have been brought to the point where the arrogant Khrushchev could boast, rightly, that Americans would soon fall because we have become "too liberal to fight."

It is not the evil itself which is horrifying about our times-it is the way we not only tolerate evil, but have made a cult of positively worshipping weakness, depravity, rottenness and evil itself.

It is not the death rattle in the throat of Western civilization which is surprising; it is the fact that millions of Americans believe that the death rattle is a beautiful song!

Too many Americans are doing everything possible to hasten the death of our civilization, to welcome inferior barbarians who openly organize to murder and destroy our kind forever, all in the name of "Brotherhood" and "Freedom."

Why? And what can we do about it?

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Originally posted by gsp1


what is your point??? you just make random statements with out any proof, or direction in conversation and dont even bother to make a point... so what are you saying? what is the problem? what is the solution?

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Originally posted by dgmodel

what is your point??? you just make random statements with out any proof, or direction in conversation and dont even bother to make a point... so what are you saying? what is the problem? what is the solution?

The stench of liberalism and religion has spoiled nature’s intent and she shall cleanse the earth.

Your answer resides here.


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Originally posted by dgmodel

i am a homosexual-jewish-african american-who is physically challenged... i dont think ill fit in well with your after school club...


Its scary to think that such small minded people still live and breed in the trailor parks of our country.

Whats wrong son? Mommy not hold you enough? Have a sneaky uncle wanting you to sit on his lap a little too much?

Spread your hatred elsewhere. No one here wants to hear it.

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Ya know, it's interesting that the person that wrote this writes it as though we're talking about the present yet Stokely Carmichael died of cancer in 1998. Also, there's a gross misrepresentation of what the war against the British was about. Quite funny how much facts are skewed in order to justify a point.

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