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Oh this is just great.....

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About a 2 month's ago my mom asked me if my 17 year old cousin who is coming to visit from Poland could stay with me....So after thinking it over for awhile I say yes.....Bad move.....He's a good kid and all but he's had a gf for 2 years.....I mean 2 years..:hangs head in self pity:.....Anyways....For the past 2 days he's been writing letter after letter to his girl back home....On top of that he's telling me about all the good times they have.....Meanwhile I'm sitting here drunk on a Friday night....All alone as usual.....WTF is wrong with me???

Sorry...just had to vent.....:(

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Originally posted by hoke

Hey, are you saying you feel sorry for the kid? I got the impression you were feeling bitter, not sorry... :confused:

Yeah I am bitter.....That little bastid is too happy....gggrrrr:mad: :tongue:

destiny779....I'll try...lol :D

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