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Merging your senses together o~o

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1. Sight

2. Sound

3. Hearing

4. Touch

5. Taste

On the train this morning, i was listening to gusgus (ambient mellow beats) and i swore i could visualize on this fence outside the movements of the beats (both rising and falling at the same time---the fence had motions rising and falling as we pulled away)

Have u ever thought of this, like merging senses together to formulate something artistic? Im not high. Im just perceptive :)

BTW, i also believe that true love is a combination of all 5 senses taking place at once, but that's a whole other discussion ;)

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Originally posted by hitokiri24

georgie u gotta lend me whateva it is u got man i need that right bout now hehehehe:hat:

hehheh, lol

Well, it just got me thinking (plus, i want to inflate this board with more threads :D-) that if we can investigate the inter-relations among and btw. the 5 senses, we will gain much more insight into the meaning of life.

I feel we use way too much of the Sight sense, and not enough of the other 4. Blind people have ultra-sensitive touch and smell. Deaf people have ultra touch and smell. I find this so interesting, and want to learn more.

Maybe i should pick up Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance :laugh:

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