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Saw a funny Sean Cusick story on the Buzz board:

>>>'i have a funny story for you guys:

i was recently in LA at the Sasha/Digweed/Van M party at 'the shrine'.

there was an upstairs (vip) area where they were giving away fairly insufficient amounts of cheap alcohol. in any event, i had to use the unisex bathroom that was towards the back of the second floor. as i was walking in and towards the urinals a girl with dark hair and reasonably dark eyes and blue jeans on comes walking out of one of the stalls. she pulls me into the stall with her as she says, "oh my god, come here" i envisioned her pulling out a little baggy filled with cocaine or some other illicit substance and forcing some up my nose as she smiles at me in an almost innocent and coy angelic way. this was not what happened at all. she sat down on the toilet and lifted my shirt just high enough for her to put one hand on each side of my pants, right at the top button. i was shocked but was still thinking about the little bag she was probably hiding

in her pocket. at this point she made her fatal mistake and i followed up with mine. she looks up at me and right into my eyes and says, "i love yourHong Kong cd".

"i'm not John Digweed" i blurted out like the semi-conscious and

usually drunk irishman you all know me to be.

two simple mistakes, one right after the other that kept me from depositing a healthy serving of cock snot into this little fanatics mouth then subsequently through her digestive tract. when will i learn ? i could have just as easily told her this 5 minutes later. two minutes later. 30

seconds . . .

you all know how fond of ridiculous and overbearing fans i am. but it simply came out of my mouth. she then covered her mouth (not the eyes) and said, "oh my god i'm so embarrassed". at this point i was embarrassed for her but i had to piss badly. i stepped out of the stall and went to the urinal and pissed. i suppose i could have pissed in the stall but it would have involved a fair amount of luckless wrestling to get her behind or

beside me to avoid any splashing or misfire.

i'm not sure if she left when i was pissing in the urinal or walked out right after me but as soon as i went back out to the vip area and told a friend of mine we marched right back in there to find her and she was gone.

this was probably best for her. i was equipped with a woman now. the consequences would have been grave as hell.

my issue, as was Digweed's, was this:

if this girl's ready to relieve anyone in a bathroom stall, then what the @#%$'s she got to be embarrassed about if it's not John Digweed ? would she have been proud afterwards otherwise ? is this a story she could tell endlessly to her friends and potential new boyfriends ? perhaps she was overtaken with sexual abandon when she suddenly realized

she was alone in a public bathroom with a superstar dj.

And when the @#%$ am i going to learn to keep my mouth shut ? or at least respond with, "i love my Hong Kong cd also . . . you have such pretty eyes." '

Sean Cusick <<

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