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Pvd Dvd . . .

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Originally posted by eggmok


yo, that's fucked up . . .

hey, are finally finished with telecom or what . . .

I heard he was trying to get Johnnie Cochran too, but I don't think he did. He was with our little friend that night........

Yeah telecom is dead.....I'm thinking financial or something with real estate. But with my luck I would get into real estate and that market would tumble. How's your gig going, has some good perks, hahhaa. When you going out, I think I still owe you a red bull....

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Originally posted by roycehaven

yo Eggmok where have you been man. I have not seen you in years!

fucker thinks he can show up anytime he damn pleases. wanker probably just sits at home on friday nights downloading porn. :nono:

chynado11 does a better job of coming out and hanging out with the cp people once in a while :aright:

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