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Need some advice..urgent

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Sorry, nothing sexboard related but I've got a question and as I'm not so sure who to ask (we don't have that many women in the office here)...I thought, what better place to turn to than cp :)

Anyway, I'm going to the hairdresser today and I wanted to know what the customs are about tipping the owner of the salon. He is cutting my hair, but he owns the salon, so do I still give the same amount on tip than I would to a 'regular' hairdresser????

Please advise....THANKS A BUNCH!!!!

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Originally posted by gmccookny

lookin' nice n dandy for frenchi, eh :tongue:;)

Well, yeah I'm at least trying to... and that where I REALLY hate going to the hairdresser...what a mental torture every time.

Thanks though for the tipping advice....this now at least leaves me with one less thing to think about :)

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