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Our story begins. . .


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with our trusty heroin Kat, and the UPS man. . .

He asks her to sign the electronic notepad and as he walks away, he gives her a smirk, and says "Have Fun!"

Kat rushes up the stairs with her package and rips it open with a pen (what can she say, she was excited)

As she fumbles through the foam balls she finally finds her new best friend. . .

And as she pulls him out:


Her eyes widen and she remarks "oooooo". . .her brand new Jack Rabbit is here and ready for action!

She comes across a cord, much like one from a telephone, and at its end, a hollow contraption:


She wonders "hmmm whats this for?" and immediatley remembers that vibrators, like men, are not perfect. . .they need to be fed a little something for energy. . .



a huge vibration with a rotating shaft and swirling pearls. . .she knew she was in for a treat but never this much!

At first hesitant to what would be experienced. . .she puts it down. . .but curiousity got the best of her (and in this case, did not kill the kat, but seriously, got the best of her!)


~speaks for itself~


::Sigh::. . .all good things cum to an end. . .and unfortunatley i can see my money being thrown away at orgasms expense. . .batteries died after one dose. . .(my only, ONLY COMPLAINT)

Staying optimistic, our Heroin decides, going back to shop for 3-AA Duracell Batteries for 2.99 at RiteAid is definately worth the trip!


She smirks at her new unbelievable toy and cant wait for the next time he comes out of his little black box!

The End.

~my review: omfg. . .sooo worth the 24.99. . .sooo sooo sooo worth it!~

All's I need now is a new name for my new toy. . .

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Originally posted by roninmess

couldnt you have given us pics of it in action!

Hey now! its enought 5 million + people are gonna see my face haha, if ima' advertise my crotch ima' get some dolla dolla bills yall. . . ;)

Originally posted by nycmuzik2000

Jesus you wore those batteries out pretty fast..:eek:... And you're sex board mod because??.....:tongue:

Its not my fault! I think I left it on by mistake. . .:(

Either that or the 2 controls juice it out, like the one for the rotation, and the vibration. . . :confused:

(i try my best to regulate!) :D

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