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it's friday yo

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Nice... glad to see I wasn't the only one late to work this morning.

I was awoken (30 minutes after I should have been up mind you) by someone frantically ringing the buzzer to my apartment. My roomate got up in a huff, and was going to smack whoever the hell was buzzing us at 8 am. Turns out it was a cop who was there to tell us that my car was going to be towed. It was parked at a paper-sign that said "No standing 7am - 5pm August 8 & 9" -- this was written in marker. I'd never have noticed the sign in a million years. So, I run down the street (gotta love Comm Ave, my car was only parked a quarter mile from my house). to find a tow truck in ready-to-tow position. Thankfully the driver was really nice and let me just back my car up 5 feet to an ok area. Great, problem solved. Walked all the way back to my place, getting ready for work (way late now) and more frantic buzzing. It's the cop again, turns out the tow truck driver was wrong and the spot that I was now parked in also was illegal so I had to go all the way back to my car, then swing around and find another spot. Why they didn't know it was parked in a bad spot in the first place I'll never know. I can't wait to move out of that damn town.

Story ends on a happy ending... made it to work JUST in time to sit in on a very important 10 am conference call. If I missed that call :eek:

TGIF :pint::smoke::pint:

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