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Originally posted by shroomy

I would do the 1/8 and smoke buds if I wanted to get higher. Weed will blow you up on shrooms, not bring you down.

But of course shrooms are notoriously variable in potency depending on how they were grown.

Hey Shroomy. Should I make tea (never have) or just munch on them as usual. Never went the tea route, just wondering if I should try it. And if yes, whats the best way?

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Originally posted by kaydup

Tea:confused: anyone:confused:

NO!!! Not tea, heat can destroy as much as half of the active ingrediant. If they are dry, grind them in a coffe grinder and mix them with a small amount of juice and just slam it, followed by a beer. Or make a OJ and shroom smoothie.

I often store them in honey since it keeps them very fresh almost indefinetly, and just add to OJ, ice and blend.

They are still not exactly the best tasting things in the world, but well worth it :)

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